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K-20 Network in Washington State

Contact Information

Educational Technology

Dennis Small

The K-20 Educational Network is a high-speed, high-capacity network that connects colleges, universities, K-12 school districts and libraries across Washington state. K-12 schools and educational organizations rely on the K-20 network to run hundreds of data-based applications that support school administration, distance learning and operations.

Learn about Zoom cloud-based videoconferencing on K-20 Network

K-20 Network Fees for 2020-2021

K-20 Network fees for the 2020-2021 are unchanged from 2019-2020, and will not change from this spreadsheet, regardless of bandwidth usage or growth during the school year.
2020-2021 K-20 Network Fees (Invoice Amounts)

K-20 Technical Support

RITUs are frontline support for school districts.
•    Contact your RITU (Regional Institutional Technical Unit).
•    Contact your ITU (Institutional Technical Unit).

Request More Bandwidth

Here’s how to apply.
Bandwidth usage charts

Locate a DNS Caching Server

There are servers at K-20 network node sites.

IP Address Management