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For Institutional Use

Forms for use within Washington colleges/universities only


  • 4024: First Peoples’ Language, Culture and Oral Traditions Application
  • 4030: Foreign Trained Teacher Recommendation
  • 4046: Teacher Non-Immigrant Exchange Application
  • 4020E-1: Verification of Alternative Program Completion
  • 4020F-1: Verification of Experience
  • 4020G: Verification of Issues of Abuse
  • 4020E: Verification of Program Completion
  • 4050E: Verification of Teacher Program Enrollment

Career & Technical Education

  • 4076F: Continuing Certificate: Verification of CTE Teaching/Coordination Experience
  • 4020G: Verification of Issues of Abuse
  • 4075G: Verification of Program Completion (Business and Industry Route)
  • 4075E: Verification of Program Completion (College/University Route)
  • 4075G-1: Verification of Program Enrollment (Business and Industry Route) for Conditional  CTE Application
  • 4075E-1: Verification of Program Enrollment (College/University Route) for Conditional CTE Application
  • 4075S: Verification of Specific Safety Documentation
  • 4075H: Verification of Teacher Experience
  • 4075F-1: Verification of Teaching Experience in Lieu of an Institutional Program
  • 4075W: Verification of Worksite Learning Course Completion


  • 4001D: Continuing Principal Certificate Verification of Hours
  • 4001F: Prerequisite Experience for Principal Certificate
  • 4020F-1: Verification of Experience
  • 4001E: Verification of Program Completion
  • 4001R: Residency Admin Reissuance

Educational Staff Associate

  • 4098: Residency ESA Application (Psychologist & Counselor)
  • 4098R: Residency ESA Reissue Application
  • 4095: Residency Renewal and Professional Application (Psychologist)
  • 4026E-1: Verification of ESA Program Enrollment
  • 4020F-1: Verification of Experience
  • 4020G: Verification of Issues of Abuse
  • 4025E-1: Verification of Master’s Degree Program Enrollment
  • 4099E: Verification of Program Completion (Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Social Worker & Speech Language Pathologist or Audiologist)
  • 4098E: Verification of Program Completion (Psychologist & Counselor)
  • 4020S: Verification of Suicide Prevention Training

For Military Personnel

Verification of active military duty

  • Form 4020H: Verification of Active Duty Military Service