State Test Questions and Practice/Sample Tests
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State Testing

Test Questions

Below are resources for educators and families to use for information about sample questions and items on our state tests. You can also find additional information by using the Teacher Resource Tool.


  • Sample and Released Materials - Sample and previously released materials can be accessed for grades 3 through high school under the Reading Assessment Resources drop-down menu.


  • Educator Resources - Sample scenarios and items, lessons learned from scoring student work, and links to other helpful resources for educators can be found here. Materials are available for grade 5, grade 8, and the Biology End-of-Course exam.
  • Released Scenarios and Items: Samples from Previous Tests
    Released test questions from previous tests. These documents contain released items from 2012, which match the K-12 Science Learning Standards.


  • Annotated Anchor Sets - Anchor papers are concrete examples that illustrate the intent of the scoring guides. Scorers use these papers as a reference point or "anchor" to ensure that they interpret and apply the scoring guides consistently. Annotated Anchor Sets include several papers representing each score point with notations for each paper that explains why the paper received the score it was given. While these are used by scorers, they can also be used by teachers as an instructional tool. An instructional guide is included with each annotated anchor set. The guide is designed specifically for workshops to train others on the use of the Anchor Sets in order to improve student achievement.


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