Dual Credit Programs
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Dual Credit Programs

The Dual Credit programs allow students to take rigorous college-level courses while still in high school. Students may become eligible for the awarding of college credit based on scores obtained in the year-end examinations and through taking college-level classes either in their high school or at colleges and universities.

Programs Allowing Dual Credit Through Standardized Examinations

  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Cambridge International (CI)

Programs Allowing Dual Credit Through College Course Enrollment

  • Running Start
  • CTE Dual Credit (formerly Tech Prep)
  • College in the High School
  • Gateway to College
  • Career Link—South Seattle Community College Career Link Program
  • Technical College Direct Funded Enrollment Programs

Washington Student Achievement Council
Dual Credit Look Up Tool
(This tool replaces some static information with an interactive tool, allowing students to search and compare how their high school AP, IB, and Cambridge exam scores will apply as college credit at various public and private independent institutions in Washington State. Overall, this process increases transparency for students, parents, and counselors regarding how students will be awarded college credit for their credit-by-exam courses.)

The Washington Student Achievement Council College Credit in High School Web site provides extensive information on dual credit programs, including links to individual college policies and Web sites.

This site also features tables, available through the links below, showing how AP test scores translate into possible college credits.

The site also provides background on the Launch Year legislation passed in 2011, which has the goal of enabling Washington high school students to earn at least a year of college credit by the time they graduate.

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Advanced Course Taking

Additional Information

Contact Dual Credit Programs
Kim Reykdal, Program Supervisor
Dual Credit

Barbara Dittrich, Program Supervisor
Dual Credit

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