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    Our Mission:

    To serve school districts, policy-makers, and the public by:

  • Calculating and making payments to school districts;
  • Overseeing school district budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting; and
  • Collecting and reporting school fiscal information.

    Our Goals:

  • Maintain high standards for thoroughness, accuracy, and accountability.
  • Provide excellent service to schools.
  • Provide excellent service to the legislature and the public
  • Help Superintendent Reykdal improve student learning through education reform.

T.J. Kelly, Director School Apportionment and Financial Services

T.J. joined the SAFS division of OSPI in September of 2009, and was named Director in November of 2012. Before joining OSPI he spent 7 years in the banking industry, most recently as a business banker with a local Tacoma bank. He grew up in a military family, and thus has lived in six different states and two different countries. He is a graduate of Stadium High in Tacoma, and Linfield College in McMinnville, OR. T.J. lives in Tacoma with his wife, Sarah, and their two boys, Ethan and Isaac. While not at work, he enjoys golf, cycling, and watching college athletics. He can be reached at (360) 725-6301.

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Michelle Matakas, Associate Director

Michelle joined the SAFS division of OSPI in May of 2016, and was named Associate Director in November of 2017. Before joining OSPI, she did budgeting and auditing for nine years in the telecommunications industry, then spent five years touring the nation - or being relocated frequently by the military due to her late husband's Army career. She is a graduate of Baker University in Kansas with her BSM and Avila University (also in Kansas) with her MBA. While not at work, Michelle enjoys reading and travelling and is kept busy with her teenage daughter and her zoo of pets (2 dogs, 3 cats, and a bearded dragon). Michelle can be reached at 360-725-6019.

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Becky Dillon, Administrative Assistant

Becky joined School Apportionment and Financial Services in 1986.  She is the Administrative Assistant to T.J. Kelly, Director, and provides support for the rest of the SAFS staff.  Our publications would be riddled with grammaticl grammatical errors without her.  When she is not proofreading, Becky enjoys spending time with her husband, Patrick, and son, Michael.  She also enjoys gardening, home improvement projects, and crafting.  To contact Becky, please call (360) 725-6300.

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Ross Bunda, Supervisor Personnel Reporting

Ross joined the School Apportionment and Financial Services unit in September 1998. His primary duty is administration of the S-275 school district personnel reporting process. He advises the State's 296 school districts and 9 educational service districts on the laws and rules governing personnel reporting, including placement of school district personnel on the statewide salary allocation schedule . He also calculates the K-3 staff ratios and does adjustments resulting from school district audit findings involving S-275 staff mix data. Before coming to SPI, Ross worked at the Department of Health for 5 years. He also served in the Air Force for 23 years and taught management at the University of Southern California. He enjoys walking and jogging. You can contact Ross at (360) 725-6308.

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Mike Dooley, CSBO, Supervisor School District and ESD Budgeting

Mike has worked within the Washington State system since 1984 and has been with OSPI since 1986. He currently reviews and approves all school district F-195 budgets and F-200 extensions, ESD F-206 budgets and F-269 extensions, and other financial reports including emergency advances and apportionment redirections. As a current member of the School District Accounting Advisory Committee (SDAAC) he helps to advise OSPI and the State Auditors Office on school district accounting, budgeting, financial reporting and related matters. Prior to 1998 Mike was a member of Grants Management where he worked in all areas of that section including over 2 years as Lead Analyst and nearly 4 years as Supervisor. While there he was instrumental in standardizing and automating the reporting process for federal and state grant expenditure reimbursements. He also served ad hoc on the six-member SDAAC sub-committee that initially designed and wrote Chapter X  - Grants Management of the Accounting Manual for School Districts. These positions, taken together, have provided Mike with a very good understanding of school district finance. His experience has enabled him to gain familiarity with laws and regulations, as well as professional standards. Mike was the first - and still only - staff person at OSPI to receive from the Washington Association of School Business Officials (WASBO) both its Financial Manager Certificate and Certified School Business Official designation. The designation is one of the highest forms of recognition for school business officials setting standards for professional ethics and competence. For 2014-15 Mike served as Chair of the WASBO Small Schools Committee and was a 2015 Co-Recipient of the WASBO Award of Merit for his outstanding contributions as Committee Chair. For 2015-16 he is serving as Co-Chair of the recently combined WASBO Accounting, Budgeting [formerly Accounting and Budgeting], and Small School Committee. Mike can be reached at (360) 725-6305.

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Vicky Dyer, Data Analyst

Vicky joined School Apportionment and Financial Services in December of 2014. As the Financial Data Analyst, she creates and maintains Excel models. Other than English, she speaks Mandarin, Cantonese and one other dialect. Her and her husband's idea of the best home improvement project is the kind they do not have to do. Vicky can be contacted at (360) 725-6302.

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Ralph Fortunato, Supervisor School District and ESD Financial Reporting

Ralph joined School Apportionment and Financial Services in December 2017. Prior to OSPI Ralph was with the Kent School District for 14 years serving in various positions from budget analyst to executive director of fiscal services. He is a graduate of the University of Idaho and has certifications in accounting and financial management from WASBO. In his spare time Ralph enjoys being with his wife Toni, his two dogs and doing research on the American Civil War.

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Melissa Jarmon, Supervisor BEA Funding Payments

Melissa joined the School Apportionment and Financial Services team in January 2014. She has been working for the state since 1995, beginning with DSHS and the remaining 18 years with the State Patrol. The most recent position with the Patrol was a Budget Management Analyst. When not at work, Melissa enjoys working out; loves to be with her family outdoors, running, hiking, clam digging and spending time at the lake house. You can reach Melissa at (360) 725-6307.

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Becky McLean, Supervisor School District Enrollment Reporting and Institutions Funding

Becky joined the School Apportionment and Financial Services team in July 2009.  Prior to coming to OSPI, she was the Purchasing/Accounting Supervisor for the Peninsula School District.  When not at work, Becky is busy with her son and daughter and working on her many quilting projects.  To contact Becky M, please call (360) 725-6306.

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Paul Stone, Supervisor School District and ESD Accounting

Paul joined SAFS division in November 2013. His prior experience includes 8 years as the Accounting Supervisor with the Shelton School District and 12 years as a controller and accounting manager in private industry. Paul graduated from Central Washington University and grew up in the Yakima area. He lives in Shelton with his wife, Rhonda, where they've raised a daughter, Kathryn, and a son, Jacob. Time away from the office is spent in home improvement mode or enjoying golf, or traveling with family and friends. You can reach Paul at (360) 725-6303.

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Eileen Frimberger, Program Manager

Eileen joined SAFS division in June 2018. You can reach Eileen at (360) 725-6312.

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[Updated: March 14, 2019]

Director, School Apportionment and Financial Services: T.J. Kelly (360)725-6301
Associate Director, School Apportionment and Financial Services: Michelle Matakas (360)725-6019
Supervisor, SD/ESD Budget : Mike Dooley (360)725-6305
Supervisor, SD/ESD Annual Financial Statements : Ralph Fortunato (360)725-6304
Supervisor, SD/ESD Accounting : Paul Stone (360)725-6303
Supervisor, Enrollment : Becky McLean (360)725-6306
Supervisor, Apportionment Payments, Basic Ed Funding : Melissa Jarmon (360)725-6307
Supervisor, Personnel Reporting : Ross Bunda (360)725-6308
Apportionment Advances/Redirections : Mike Dooley (360)725-6305
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
School Apportionment & Financial Services
Old Capitol Building, PO Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200
Phone:(360)725-6300    FAX:(360)664-3683    TDD:(360)664-3631
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