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County Treasurer Reports 1196 and 1196A of Monthly Allocation For School Districts and Educational Service Districts

Select reports by county. Each report is a text document designed to be viewed with your Internet browser. Monthly allocation reports are revised monthly and are effective the last working day of the month. Reports are generally posted five working days from the end of the month.

Prior Month's Reports

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For Apportionment information, please contact the following:
BEA Funding Payments : Melissa Jarmon (360) 725-6307
Personnel Reporting, K-4 / K-12 Ratio / Duty Codes : Ross Bunda (360)725-6308
Enrollment Reports, P-223, Home/Hospital Funding, Impact Aid: Becky McLean (360)725-6306
Safety Net Applications : Mary Ellen Parrish (360)725-6075
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