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Training and Presentations

This page has been developed to offer non-authoritative presentations and guidance in understanding and applying OSPI, State and Federal requirements as well as to provide other materials on current topics for school districts. Authoritative guidance may be found under the Instructions and WAC links on our website. This site is under development. Check back here frequently for new content!

SAFS Upcoming Training

SAFS Training Materials

F-203 Users Manual

Fall 2015 Apportionment Report Training Materials

2013-14 ESD Enrollment Reporting Training (PowerPoint) (Posted August 28, 2013)

Link to Recording of 2013-14 ESD Enrollment Reporting Training at ESD 113 on August 26, 2013 (Posted August 28, 2013)

S-275 Training (Not available yet)

F-195 Budget and F-200 Budget Extension Summary of Changes

F-200 Budget Extensions Do's and Don'ts (Not available yet)

WASBO Presentations

WASBO 2018

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