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Washington Administrative Code (WAC)
Public School laws and rules are published annually in the "Common School Manual"

The following rules are currently under development.  A CR-101 has been filed. After considering comments on the discussion draft, OSPI will consider revisions before and file "DRAFT" rules, which will be scheduled for public hearing.
Discussion DRAFT Rules - Updated June 10, 2014

EXPEDITED Rules using the CR-103 Process
NOTE: This process, which is allowed under RCW 34.05.350, allows for expedited rule-making which becomes effective upon filing with the code reviser's office.  This process does not eliminate the need to follow through with the normal rule making process which includes holding a public hearing.

EXPEDITED Rules using the CR-105 Process
NOTE: This process, which is allowed under RCW 34.05.350, eliminates the need for the agency to hold public hearings on the proposed rules. If you object to this use of the expedited rule-making process, you must express your objections in writing and they must be received by the Rules Coordinator, Legal Services, OSPI, PO Box 47200, Olympia WA 98504-7200.

Proposed Rules - Public Hearings Scheduled - Updated September 30, 2014
  • WAC 392-140-921, -923, -932, -933 These draft rules discuss the process that will be used to demonstrate compliance to receive funding for reduced class sizes in grades K-1 for high-poverty schools. These proposed rules were updated on March 31, 2014. Public hearing scheduled for May 7, 2014.

Recently Repealed Rules - Updated October 18, 2011

Recently Adopted Rules - Updated September 30, 2014
Listed below are WACs administered by School Apportionment and Financial Services for which revisions were recently adopted:
  • WAC 392-121-257 These draft rule revisions retract the rule revisions to WAC 392-121-257 that were implemented earlier this year in error.
  • WAC 392-140-915 Outlines the process for determining eligible schools for high poverty funding under the new funding formula and provides for definitions.
  • WAC 392-121-257 Clarifies that credits and clock hours that satisfy the continuing education requirements for educational staff associates' state professional health license are not subject to the 3-hour minimum for continuing education credit hours.
  • WAC 392-121-280 Expands the documentation allowed to demonstrate equivalency for college degrees and credits completed in a country other than the United States.
  • WAC 392-140-970 through -975 Clarifies which staff in public schools are eligible for the National Board bonus, and also provides other housekeeping updates.
  • WAC 392-121-262 Adds a seventh criteria to the list of additional criteria for all credits earned by certificated instructional staff.
  • WAC 392-127-011, -015, -070, and -090 Updates the calculation of the state-required K-12 certificated instructional staff ratio (46:1000) compliance, pursuant to ESHB 2065, Sec. 10 (2011 Legislative Session).
  • WAC 392-123-132 Changes language that districts shall reconcile amounts that are reported on the monthly county treasurer's statement (removes specific reconciliation items).
  • WAC 392-140-970 through -975 Reduces a school's eligibility to be designated as a 'challenging, high poverty school' from the current 2 years to 1 year only. Pays all bonuses for 2011-12 in July 2012. Reduces all bonuses by 40% for first-year eligible national board certified teachers.
  • WAC 392-121-210, -217, -249, -250, -255, -280, and -295 For purposes of the salary schedule for certificated instructional staff, includes degrees and credits earned from colleges and universities that are accredited by the distance education and training council (DETC). Also, updates the definition of basic education and institutional education programs. Clarifies the definition of a certificated employee's highest degree level and, specifically, nondegreed employees.
  • WAC 392-126-032, -075, -090, -099, and -101 Makes changes to the rules for shared leave. Gives districts the option of allowing their employees to share leave with employees of other districts, ESDs, institutions of higher education, and state agencies.
  • WAC 392-140-970 through 392-140-975 Terminates the eligibility of principals to receive the national board bonus. Designates schools which provide institutional education as eligible for challenging, high-poverty schools bonus.
  • WAC 392-140-950 through 392-140-967 Reduces the number of state-funded learning improvement days from one to zero.
  • WAC 392-122-205 and -228 Revises an existing section and adds a new section for rules regarding provision of state funding for juvenile students in adult jails.
  • WAC 392-169-033 Updates the definition of institutions of higher education that may offer Running Start to include public tribal college and Evergreen State College as directed by RCW 28A.600.300.
  • WAC 392-127-085 and -090  Removes September 30 as the deadline for optional reporting of staff and enrollment changes, for purposes of calculating the state-required K-12 staff ratio of 46 certificated instructional staff per 1,000 students.  Also, for the 2011–12 school year and thereafter, limits the selection of a different enrollment month, other than the default month of October, to a month when all basic education instructional programs are operating.
  • WAC 392-137-115 Establishes the standard of residency to be a student's expectation to reside at a particular address for more than twenty consecutive days. This aligns with WAC 392-121-108 which instructs districts to not count a student who are absent for more than twenty days.
  • WAC 392-140-970 through 392-140-974 Updates how schools are designated as challenging, high-poverty for the 2009-10 school year and thereafter, for the purpose of the challenging, high-poverty school bonus.  Also adds a new section regarding review and adjustment of data that determines whether a school building is considered to be a challenging, high-poverty school.
  • WAC 392-121-136 There are two changes to this WAC.  First, to establish the basis of claiming summer school enrollment in Skill Centers that would align better with the non-monthly schedule that Skill Centers programs are offered during the summer.  Second, to limit a student's enrollment to a 2.0 FTE.
  • WAC 392-121-108  Changes the two WAC references from 392-400-290 to 392-400-295.  WAC reference should refer to Emergency expulsion not Emergency removal from class, subject or activity as an Enrollment exclusion.
  • WAC 392-121-264 Includes Seattle Children's Hospital education program in the definition of "schools".
  • WAC 392-121-250 Clarifies the definition of "Nondegreed" to provide a clearer standards/criteria of what constitutes a nondegreed vocational/career and technical education instructional employee.
  • WAC 392-122-420 through 392-122-426 Outlines the apportionment process for Full-Day Kindergarten, provide rules for determining eligibility, the methodology for apply for funding and a set of definitions for terms used in the Full-Day Kindergarten program.
  • WAC 392-121-108 Clarifies 20 consecutive days for enrollment exclusions, adds a subsection for tuition paying students, and adds a section being removed from 392-121-136 which addresses students being reported full-time on form E-672 for institution education enrollment (see also the proposed change for 392-122-221).
  • WAC 392-121-133 Aligns the reporting of hours for Ancillary Services and for the Nonstandard School Year with WAC 392-121-106.
  • WAC 392-121-123 Changes the way the nonstandard school year full-time equivalency is calculated to align with the standard school year reporting methodology.
  • WAC 392-121-136 Removes a section from that will be placed under enrollment exclusions in 392-121-108 pertaining to students reported as full time on form E-672.
  • WAC 392-122-221 Clarifies the priority of counting students who are in an institution on the institution's count date and in a school district on the school district's count date within the same month.
  • WAC 392-122-205  State institutional education program - Eligible programs
  • WAC 392-121-188  Instruction provided under contract - Revision for Student FTE for contracts with Community or Technical Colleges
  • WAC 392-121-124  Full-time equivalent enrollment for work based learning.  - Revision to update a reference to the correct WAC
  • WAC 392-121-136  Limitation on enrollment counts - Revision for Skills Center Students 1.6 FTE and State Funded Full-Day Kindergarten
  • WAC 392-121-122  Definition of a full-time student.
  • WAC 392-121-138  Full-time equivalent enrollment of vocational education students


Washington Administrative Code (WAC)
Listed below are chapters of WAC administered or utilized by School Apportionment and Financial Services.
Chapter 392-115 WAC, Finance - Audit Resolution
Chapter 392-117 WAC, Timely Reporting
Chapter 392-120 WAC, Finance - University of Washington Transition School & Early Entrance Program Allocations
Chapter 392-121 WAC, Finance - General Apportionment
Chapter 392-122 WAC, Finance - Categorical Apportionment
Chapter 392-123 WAC, Finance - School District Budgeting
Chapter 392-124 WAC, Finance - National Guard Youth Challenge
Chapter 392-126 WAC, Finance - Shared Leave & Partnerships Among Small School Districts
Chapter 392-127 WAC, Finance - Certificated Instructional Staff Ratio Compliance
Chapter 392-132 WAC, Finance - NonHigh Participatory & Including Transfer of M & O Levy Authority From High to NonHigh Districts
Chapter 392-134 WAC, Finance - Apportionment For Part-Time School Attendance
Chapter 392-135 WAC, Finance - Interdistrict Cooperation Programs
Chapter 392-136 WAC, Finance - Conversion of Accumulated Sick Leave
Chapter 392-137 WAC, Finance - Nonresident Attendance
Chapter 392-138 WAC, Finance - Associated Student Body Moneys
Chapter 392-139 WAC, Finance - Maintenance & Operation Levies
Chapter 392-140 WAC, Finance - Special Allocations, Instructions, and Requirements
Chapter 392-160 WAC, Special Service Program - Transitional Bilingual
Chapter 392-162 WAC, Special Service Program - Learning Assistance
Chapter 392-169 WAC, Special Service Programs Running Start Program
Chapter 392-172A WAC, Rules For the Provision of Special Education to Special Education Students

Washington Administrative Code (WAC)
Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

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