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Washington State-Wide Salary Allocation Questions

Q: If I work for a public school district in Washington State, how much will I make?

A: Individual compensation is determined by the districts' employee contracts.

Q: Then what good is the StateWide Salary Allocation Schedule?

A: For those districts that have adopted the schedule as their compensation plan, salary placement is determined by degree, years of experience and eligible credits.

Q: Are credits and/or degrees from foreign institutions usable for salary placement?

A: Generally yes; please refer to the S-275 instructions for more information and detail.

Q: The district is receiving more allocation dollars than what I am getting paid. Why?

A: OSPI is required to round for allocation purposes only. The actual salaries paid by the districts are determined and are the responsibility of the district.

Q: What are the requirements to maintain my teaching certificate?

A: Please contact the OSPI Certification office through the Internet or phone (360) 725-6400 for more specific requirements.

Q: I took a continuing education course from a college outside of Washington State. Does the credits count for salary placement?

A: Yes; if college credit was awarded. No; if college credit was not an approved inservice provider.

Q: Why were my credits accepted by the Certification office as continuing education, but not accepted for salary placement?

A: The rules and purposes are different for Certification than for salary placement.

Q: Who writes the rules for Certification and what are the purposes?

A: The State Board of Education writes the rules and sets the criteria to be used in preparing teachers and ESAs to work in the schools.

Q: But how is that different than salary placement schedules?

A: The rules for salary placements are written by OSPI for the purposes of funding basic education.

For more information regarding salary schedule contact Ross Bunda.

For more information regarding teacher certification contact Laura Gooding.

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