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2011-2012 Enrollment Reporting Handbook
Bulletin No. 052-11 School Apportionment And Financial Services (PDF)
2011-12 Enrollment Reporting Handbook (PDF)  (Word) - Look below for updated P-223, P-223H, P-223S and P-213 forms.
2011-12 Enrollment Training (PowerPoint)

New: Updated Guidance for Reporting ALE Enrollment
Additional Guidance For Reporting ALE Enrollment - Developed by ESD 189 (Excel) (Posted December 6, 2011)
Guidelines for Reporting ALE Enrollment (Word) (Posted September 8, 2011)
Alternative Learning Experience Flow Chart (Word) (Updated November 9, 2011)
Changes to EDS ALE Reporting screen (Word) (Posted September 8, 2011)
Changes to EDS P-223 Screen (Word) (Posted September 8, 2011)

Related Enrollment Bulletins and Memoranda:

Memorandum No. 043-11 - Direct Funding Technical Colleges Enrollment Reporting for 2011-12 School Year (Posted August 19, 2011)
Memorandum No. 044-11 - Running Start Programs in the High Schools: Clarification (Posted August 19, 2011)
Bulletin No. 047-11 - Students Participating in Running Start Programs Funded up to a Combined Maximum Enrollment of 1.20 FTE and separate attachments: Attachment A - Clarification Document and Attachment B - Verification Form (Posted July 27, 2011)
Bulletin No. 068-10 - Alternative Learning Experience Enrollment Reporting for the 2010-11 School Year (Posted September 28, 2010)and 2010-11 ALE Enrollment Reporting Instructions 
Bulletin No. 009-09 - Student Choice and Interdistrict Agreements (Posted March 3, 2009)

Individual Enrollment Reporting Forms and Instructions:

P-223 - Monthly Report of School District Enrollment Eligible for Basic Support (PDF) (Word) (updated May 25,2012)
P-223H - Monthly Report of School District Special Education Enrollment (PDF) (Word) (updated May 25,2012)
P-223RS - Monthly Report of Running Start Enrollment(PDF) (Word)
P-223TC - Monthly Report of Technical College Enrollment Eligible for Basic Education Support(PDF) (Word)
E-672 - Monthly Report of Institutional Education Program Enrollment(PDF) (Word)
P-223S - Nonstandard School Year AAFTE Enrollment Eligible for Basic Support (PDF) (Word) (updated May 25,2012)
P-240 - Monthly Attendance Report of Ancillary Services to Part-Time Students Eligible for Basic Support (PDF) (Word) (updated May 25,2012)
P-213 - Report of Students Residing in Nonhigh Districts and Enrolled in High School Districts (PDF) (Word) (updated May 25,2012)
E-525 - Report of Final Home and Hospital Attendance (PDF) (Word)
P-223YC - Monthly Report of National Guard Youth Challenge Enrollment (PDF) (Word)
[Updated - May 25, 2012]

For Enrollment Reporting information, please contact:
Enrollment Reports, P-223, Home/Hospital Funding, Impact Aid: Becky McLean (360)725-6306
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