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School Financial Services Administrative Budgeting and Financial Reporting Handbook
FY 1996-1997

Below is the Administrative, Budgeting, and Financial Reporting Handbook.(Handbook) for FY 1996-97. We will be providing multiple fiscal year's Handbooks because of the timelines associated with each of the required processes.

Please note that the Handbook has been converted to the Adobe Acrobat Reader format. Please download the free reader to your site to view and/or download the information.

We have also provided a zipped version of the Handbook and the file has been noted zipped. The documents will need to be "unzipped" and then read with the original software: MicroSoft EXCEL or WORD. In order to unzip the forms you will need a 967hb/zip/unzip program. If you do not already have a 967hb/zip/unzip program use your favorite browser search engine and enter pkzip or zip under software search to find a program that suits your platform. Users that do not have MicroSoft EXCEL and WORD can download a free viewer from Microsoft.

[Updated - September 30, 1998]

For more information, please contact the following:
F-195/F-200/F-198/F-197, Budget Forms : Mike Dooley (360)725-6305
F-196, SD/ESD Annual Financial Statements : Ralph Fortunato (360)725-6304
F-203, State Revenues/Recoveries : Melissa Jarmon (360)725-6307
K-12 Ratio / Duty Codes : Ross Bunda (360)725-6308
Apportionment Advances/Redirections : Mike Dooley (360)725-6305
Supervisor, Enrollment : Becky McLean (360)725-6306
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