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  OSPI Public Records Request

Public Disclosure Information

OSPI follows the Public Records Act regarding disclosure of its public records. Under state law, a public records request must include a reasonable description that would allow an OSPI employee to locate the records.

Frequently Requested Records
How to Make a Request
Cost to Print and Ship Requested Records
After We Receive Your Request
How to Appeal a Denial

Frequently Requested Records

Prior to submitting a records request, we encourage you to view OSPI's Frequently Requested Records. This is a good starting point.

OSPI does NOT hold certain education records, including:

Records exempt from disclosure include:

  • Examination test scores.
  • Teacher, student or public employee information that would constitute an invasion of privacy as defined in RCW 42.56.210.
  • Preliminary drafts, notes, recommendations and intra-agency memorandums not publicly cited by the agency in connection with any agency action.
  • Other exempt records (PDF).

How to Make a Request

Complete the public disclosure form

  • Use the online public disclosure request form.
  • Download and fill out the PDF version of the request form.
  • Request a hard copy of the request form: call (360) 725-6372 or e-mail PublicRecordsRequest@k12.wa.us. Be sure to tell us your mailing address if we are mailing it to you.


Send in your own written request
Make sure to include:

  • Your contact information. E-mail addresses are helpful.
  • Detailed information of what you are looking for.

E-mail requests will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt.
If you do not receive this confirmation, please call (360) 725-6372.

(360) 753-4201
ATTN: Public Disclosure Officer

Mailing address
Public Disclosure Office
Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
P.O. Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200

Physical address Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction
600 Washington St. SE
Olympia, WA 98504-7200
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Cost to Print Requested Records

There is no cost for electronic copies. However, not all documents are stored this way.

  • Hard copies: 15 cents per impression
  • Audio tapes, video tapes, diskettes, CDs, DVDs: based on actual cost

There is no cost to view the records at OSPI.

After We Receive Your Request

OSPI has five business days to respond to a records request. The Public Disclosure Officer will:

  • Provide the records
  • or Acknowledge receipt of request and give a timetable for delivery
  • or Ask for clarification
  • or Deny the request with a statement as to why it is being withheld and with a citation of the RCW.

How to Appeal a Denial

If we deny your public records request, you may request a review:

  • Make your request in writing.
  • Include your public records log number.
  • Address your request to Public Records (see Delivery Options table above).


OSPI Public Disclosure Officer
(360) 725-6372


Old Capitol Building, PO Box 47200, 600 Washington St. S.E., Olympia, WA  98504-7200  (360) 725-6000  TTY (360) 664-3631
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