Educating Juveniles in Adult Jails: A Program Guide
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Institutional Education

Educating Juveniles in Adult Jails: A Program Guide
Published July 2010

The intended audience for Educating Juveniles In Adult Jails: A Program Guide is local school districts or their designated accredited education providers who are charged under state law with responsibility for providing education programs to this population. The guidelines will also be useful to the jail administrators and institutional staff who are hosts for an education program.

Educating Juveniles in Adult Jails: A Program Guide (PDF, 116 pages)

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Background/Context
  • Chapter 2: The Significance of Education for Jailed Juveniles Public and Policy Supports
  • Chapter 3: Guidelines for Implementing Education in Jails
  • Chapter 4: Working within the Jail Setting
  • Chapter 5: Elements of Effective Programs
  • Additional Resources
  • Appendices

Map of Washington Juvenile Institution Schools
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