Equity and Civil Rights
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Equity and Civil Rights

Revised Rules for Chapter 392-190 WAC (Equal Educational Opportunity)
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The Equity and Civil Rights Office works to ensure that each student has equal access to public education without discrimination. We raise awareness of rights and responsibilities under civil rights laws, develop tools and resources to facilitate equal access to all school programs and activities, and monitor and enforce school districts and charter schools for compliance with state and federal civil rights laws.

We are grounded in federal and state civil rights and non-discrimination laws and the belief that educational systems that address their own biases, include their communities, and adapt to the culture and diversity of their students will realize educational excellence.

Our Services

  • Supporting educators, students, parents and community members by providing information and resolving concerns regarding discrimination and equal access in Washington public schools.
  • Monitoring school districts and public charter schools for compliance with state and federal civil rights laws and policies.



How to Make a Complaint of Unlawful Discrimination With Your School District

School District Civil Rights Compliance Coodinator List

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