Washington State National Board Certification - Teacher Bonus
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  National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs)

Teacher Bonus

Washington offers a bonus to all eligible K-12 public school NBCTs. Eligibility requirements can be found in WAC 392-140-972.

Both the NBCT "base" bonus and the "Challenging Schools" bonus remain intact in the 2018-2019 Washington State budget.

  • Teachers who hold a valid certificate from National Boards for the entire duration of the 2018-2019 school year will receive an annual bonus of $5,397.
  • Teachers who attain a valid certificate from National Boards during the 2018-2019 school year will receive 60% of the annual bonus of $5,397 for a total of $3,238.20.
  • Teachers in qualifying "Challenging Schools" will receive an additional bonus up to $5,000. This additional bonus is based on the teacher's percentage of time spent at the qualifying challenging school. WAC 392-140-973(3) provides additional guidance on eligibility criteria.

Bonus Eligibility, Appeals and Apportionment
OSPI compiles the list of bonus-eligible NBCT each year after score release to include those newly certified and those identified on district personnel reporting (October 1 snapshot). Districts are notified of individual NBCT bonus totals, plus the employer’s portion of mandatory benefits, in the spring. Send any necessary manual adjustments to OSPI. Districts must pay the full lump sum bonus to eligible NBCTs between the July apportionment and August 31.

A list of schools designated as "challenging" for the National Board bonus:




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