For Those Who Hold A Professional Teacher Certificate
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For Those Who Hold A Professional Teacher Certificate

The Professional Teacher Certificate enables the holder to teach in endorsed subject areas.

If hold or have held a PROFESSIONAL TEACHER CERTIFICATE you have the following options:


Renew a Professional Teacher Certificate


To renew the Professional Certificate, 150 clock hours of approved continuing education study and/or equivalent academic credit must be completed since the issuance of the most recent certificate. All continuing education credit hours shall relate to:

Some clock hours must be related to the standards, and some must relate to salary criteria.

By completing the professional growth plan as defined in WAC 181-79A-030. Individuals who complete the requirements of the annual professional growth plan to renew their professional certificate shall receive the equivalent of thirty hours of continuing education credit hours. Completed PGPS qualify for the renewal requirements of other certificates held.

The professional growth plans must document formalized learning opportunities and professional development activities that relate to the standards and "career level" benchmarks defined in WAC 181-79A-270. Individuals may apply their focused evaluation professional growth activities of the evaluation system toward the professional growth plan for certificate renewal.

For further information regarding Professional Growth plans please visit the PESB web page.

An expired professional certificate issued under rules in effect prior to September 1, 2014, may be renewed for an additional five-year period by presenting evidence to the superintendent of public instruction of completing the continuing education credit hour requirement within the five years prior to the date of the renewal application.

Beginning September 1, 2014, four professional growth plans developed annually during the validity period of the certificate are required for renewal. Clock hour and/or equivalent academic credits outside of the PGP will no longer meet the renewal requirements for certificates issued after September 1, 2014.

Template – Form 1697 PGP for Certificate Renewal

In lieu of the above clock hours or professional growth plans, present a copy of a valid certificate from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

STEM Requirements

TPEP Requirements

WAC: 181-79A-251

If your Professional certificate is expired include with application documentation for clock hours, credits, PGP's or National Board certificate.


   Electronic Certification Application



   Updated 6/5/2017

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