Certification - Initial CTE (valid for four years; renewable for three years)
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Career Tech Educator Certification

Initial CTE
(valid for four years)


The Initial CTE Certificate is the first stage CTE certificate, used to employ a teacher in a CTE-funded classroom in grades 9-12.

College/University Route (Full teacher program)

  • Have a bachelor's degree from a accredited college/university, which includes a minimum of forty-five (45) quarter hours of study in the specific CTE subject area.
  • Complete a state-approved CTE teacher training program through a accredited college or state-approved college/university teacher preparation program in one of four specific broad endorsement areas: Agriculture Education, Business and Marketing Education, Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Technology Education.
  • Demonstrate competence in one or more of the above four broad endorsement areas, by completing a content knowledge assessment.
  • One year of paid occupational industry experience (2,000 hours) in the subject area other than teaching. If all or part of the 2,000 hours is more than six years old, candidates must complete an additional 300 hours of recent (occurring in the last two years) occupational experience. Verification can be letters from past employers (indicating how long you worked for them), pay stubs and w2's.
  • Must also apply for the Residency Teacher certificate or apply to add the endorsement to your teacher certificate and take and pass the basic skills test and the content knowledge test and obtain the Residency Teacher certificate or the endorsement before the Initial CTE certificate can be issued.


Business & Industry Route (Block II)

  • Have completed a Washington Professional Standards Board- approved program for the business and industry route, and
  • Document 3 years (6,000 hours) of occupational experience in the specific CTE subcategory/specialty area for which certification is sought. A minimum of 2,000 hours must be paid industry occupational hours. The remaining 4,000 hours may be a combination of occupational hours and teaching hours. Teaching hours are calculated at the rate of 180 hours per class period per year and must be verified by a school district. One year (2,000 hours) must be within the past 6 years. If any of the 2,000 hours is more than 6 years old, 300 hours of the experience must be within the past 2 years. Verification can be letters from past employers (indicating how long you worked for them); pay stubs; w2's and volunteer hours that can be verified by the agency/entity where you did your volunteer work.

    For BIOMEDICAL and BIOTECHNOLGY may use all 6,000 hours of teaching experience in Biology. For STEM, all 6,000 hours of teaching experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and/or Math can be used.

For Out of State certified Career and Technical Educator holders or Out of State Career and Technical Educator program completers::

  • Any state's approved teacher preparation program through an accredited college or university in Agriculture; Business/Marketing Ed; Family & Consumer Sciences; Technology Ed

    (Form 4075E) You will also need to apply for the residency teacher certificate and meet all requirements for residency before the CTE Initial can be issued.


  • Any state's approved Business and Industry Route program (Form 4075G),

Need all the forms below for both routes:

  • Verification of Teaching Experience. (Form 4075H)
  • Full state certification in another state and three years of K-12

CTE teaching experience outside of Washington (Form 4075F and a copy of your out of state CTE certificate) if applicable.

  • Specific safety (Form 4075S)




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