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Memoranda 2009

Number Title Date Section/Program
M071-09 Revised Dispute Resolution Policy for the Placement of Homeless Children and Youths - Attach 1/5/10 Learning and Teaching Support
M070-09 Reporting of Selected Program Expenditures for the 2008–2009 Fiscal Year 12/31/09 School Apportionment and Financial Services
M069-09 Applications for 2010 National Youth Science Camp Delegates - Attach 12/16/09 Teaching and Learning
M068-09 Dual Credit Program Information for Parents and Students New Choice Option—College High School Diploma 12/15/09 Secondary Education
M067-09 Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds— American Recovery and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009 Authorization – Application Deadline January 1, 2010 12/10/09 School Facilities and Organization
M066-09 Measurements of Student Progress (MSP) Mathematics Item Writing, Grades 3-8 11/24/09 Assessment and Student Information
M065-09 2010 School District Levy Authority - Attach 11/6/09 School Apportionment and Financial Services
M064-09 Input Requested on Draft Washington State Early Learning Plan 11/6/09 Teaching and Learning
M062-09 New Retainage and Release Requirements Effective October 1, 2009 10/29/09 School Facilities and Organization
M061-09 Final Draft of the Washington State Arts K-12 Learning Standards Available for Public Input 11/2/09 Teaching and Learning
M060-09 Application for Educational Technology Assessment Development Group - Attach 10/20/09 Information Technology Services
M059-09 Application for Online Approval Review Committee 10/20/09 Digital Learning Department
M058-09 Special Education and Related Services Teletherapy Pilot Project 10/9/09 Special Programs and Federal Accountability
M057-09 Recess Survey Regarding Recess Periods for Elementary School Students 10/1/09 Teaching and Learning
M056-09 Nonimmigrant Exchange Teacher Permit Information 9/30/09 Teaching and Learning
M055-09 Notice of Implementation of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day 9/15/09 Teaching and Learning
M054-09 Revision of Third Credit Math Rule 9/15/09 Secondary Education
M053-09 National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, Targeted High Needs Initiative Take One! Professional Development Opportunity 9/10/09 District and School Improvement and Accountability
M052-09 Direct Funding to Technical Colleges for High School Students for 2009–10 School Year 9/10/09 School Apportionment and Financial Services
M051-09 Running Start Enrollment Reporting for 2009–10 School Year 9/10/09 School Apportionment and Financial Services
M050-09 Institutional Enrollment Reporting for 2009–10 School Year (Report Form SPI E-672) 9/10/09 School Apportionment and Financial Services
M049-09 Private School Enrollment 2009–10 (Form SPI P105B), Private School Enrollment Report: Extension Program in Home-Based Instruction 2009–10 (Form SPI P105HB), Administrative and Instructional Staff Report 2009–10 (Form SPI 1570) 10/1/09 Student Support
M048-09 2010 Common School Manuals 9/4/09 Office of Professional Practices
M047-09 K20 Presentation “The Building Commissioning Process” - Thursday, September 17, 2009 from 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. 8/31/09 School Facilities and Organization
M046-09 CEDARS Data Collection Ready for the 2009–2010 School Year 9/3/09 Information Technology Services
M045-09 Online Course Survey 8/26/09 Digital Learning Department
M044-09 Washington State Department of Commerce Public Works Board Grant Opportunities 8/25/09 School Facilities and Organization
M043-09 Engrossed House Bill 1824 Youth Sports—Head Injury Policies 8/21/09 Learning and Teaching Support
M042-09 Application for Grades 3-8 Mathematics Performance Level Descriptors and Standards Setting Committee 8/10/09 Assessment and Student Information
M041-09 Funding Opportunity for Energy Efficiency Improvement Projects 8/3/09 School Facilities and Organization
M040-09 New Communication Materials for the School Facilities and Organization Section 7/24/09 School Facilities and Organization
M039-09 Adequate Yearly Progress Policies and Results 7/21/09 Special Programs and Federal Accountability
M038-09 Process for Exemptions from the 150 Hour Definition of a Credit 8/5/09 Career and College Readiness
M037-09 Digital and Online Learning 7/1/09 Student Support
M036-09 Career and Technical Education High Demand Grant Opportunities 6/5/09 Career and College Readiness
M035-09 Private School Participation in Title II Part A Statewide Activities - Attach 5/6/09 Special Programs and Federal Accountability
M034-09 Update on Assessment and Reporting Requirements for Social Studies, The Arts, and Health and Fitness 5/28/09 Teaching and Learning
M033-09 Funding Opportunity for School Facility Small Repair Projects 5/28/09 School Facilities and Organization
M032-09 Annual Statement of United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Commodities Shipped (Report #078) 6/5/09 Child Nutrition Services
M031-09 Traffic Safety Education Program Approval Application, Form SPI/TSE M-365, Traffic Safety Education Request for Validation Stickers, Form SPI/TSE 3009, Continuing Education Requirements for Traffic Safety Instructors - Form 1, Form 2 5/15/09 Pupil Transportation
M030-09 New and Revised K-12 Standards Available 6/11/09 Teaching and Learning
M029-09 Commodity Update: Projected Rate of Offer for September—November 2009 - Attach 5/29/09 Child Nutrition Services
M028-09 High School Mathematics Core/Comprehensive Instructional Materials Final Recommendations, Pursuant to 2007 House Bill 1906 5/4/09 K-12 Education
M027-09 Free Electronic Product Recycling 5/11/09 School Facilities and Organization
M026-09 Registration for 2009 Grade 7 Writing Pilot (Administered at Grade 8) - Attach 5/4/09 Assessment and Student Information
M025-09 Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century (TL21) 2009–11Competitive Grant Application - Attach A, Attach B 4/27/09 Information Technology Services
M023-09 Change to WAC 392-347-023 – State Assistance in Post 1993 Facilities 4/17/09 School Facilities and Organization
M022-09 Private School Annual Approval for 2009–10 School Year 4/30/09 Student Support
M021-09 Certification Expiration Date Reports, Certification Renewal Processing, Expedited Certificate Renewal Verification, and Searchable Certificates Issued Reports 4/9/09 Professional Education and Certification
M020-09 School Pan Flu Preparedness Resource Manual 4/9/09 School Safety Center
M019-09 Draft Environmental and Sustainability Education Student Learning Standards: Review and Input 3/17/09 Teaching and Learning
M018-09 Change in Payment Method to Ride the Ferry 3/6/09 Pupil Transportation
M017-09 Change to WAC 392-344 – Process change for Value Engineering, Constructability and Commissioning Reports - Attach 2/13/09 School Facilities and Organization
M016-09 Request for Submission of Curriculum for 2009 Sexual Health Education Curriculum Review- Attach 1, Attach 2, Attach 3 2/11/09 Teaching and Learning
M015-09 2008 Local Performance Measures for Perkins IV Funding 2/13/09 Career and Technical Education
M014-09 K–5 Mathematics Curricula Recommendations 2/6/09 K-12 Education
M013-09 Cancellation of Optional Ninth-Grade WASL Testing in Spring 2009 2/5/09 Communications
M012-09 CEDARS Data Collection Requirements for the 2009–2010 School Year 2/4/09 Information Technology Services
M011-09 Department of Defense (DoD) Fresh Produce Program New Users Only 2/10/09 Child Nutrition Services
M010-09 Enhanced Peer Coaching Cadre 3 (2009-2011), Title II, Part D: Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) Competitive Grant Application - Attach 1/28/09 Educational Technology
M009-09 House Bill (HB) 2564 Requiring Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety Education Washington Risk Prevention Curriculum 1/23/09 Pupil Transportation
M008-09 Application for K–12 Science Instructional Materials Review Committee - Attach 1/23/09 Teaching and Learning
M005-09 Promoting Academic Success - Final Reporting of Students Served for the Period Ending August 31, 2008 1/12/09 School Apportionment and Financial Services
M006-09 Collegial and Financial Support for Washington National Board Certification Candidates - Attach 1/13/09 Professional Education and Certification
M007-09 Governor Proclamations, Emergency Closure Q&A, WAC 392-129-105, WAC 392-129-150 1/21/09 Financial Resources
M004-09 Seamless Summer Feeding Program Application - Attach A, Attach B, Attach C, Attach D, Attach E 4/17/09 Child Nutrition Services
M003-09 Simplified Summer Food Program for Returning Sponsors- Attach 1, Attach 2, Attach 3, Attach 4, Attach 5, Attach 6, Attach 7, Attach 8, Attach 9, Attach 10, Attach 11, Attach 12, Attach 13, Attach 14, Attach 15, Attach 16, Attach 17, Attach 18, Attach 19, Attach 20, Attach 21, Attach 22, Attach 23 4/17/09 Child Nutrition Services
M002-09 Simplified Summer Food Program for New Sponsors - Attach 1, Attach 2, Attach 3, Attach 4, Attach 5, Attach 6, Attach 7, Attach 8, Attach 9, Attach 10, Attach 11, Attach 12, Attach 13, Attach 14, Attach 15, Attach 16, Attach 17, Attach 18, Attach 19, Attach 20, Attach 21, Attach 22, Attach 23, Attach 24, Attach 25, Attach 26, Attach 27, Attach 28 4/28/09 Child Nutrition Services
M001-09 Summer Feeding Programs for Children: Intent to Participate - Attach A, Attach B, Attach C 2/19/09 Child Nutrition Services


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