Collection of Evidence
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Certificate of Academic Achievement Options

Collection of Evidence

Educators: Visit for COE guidelines, policies, training and the calendar.

The COE is an evaluation of a set of work samples prepared by the student with instructional support from a teacher. OSPI, in conjunction with Washington State teachers, develop and implement COE passages, tasks, and prompts for the reading, writing, mathematics, and science COE. The passages, tasks, and prompts are held in a secure "inclusion bank." Teachers are allowed access after registering students for the COE submission.

Students develop their work samples under the direct supervision of educators. Students must follow state guidelines for preparing and submitting collections. Schools and districts follow sufficiency guidelines when submitting student collections. The COE is scored at the state level using professional scorers. Student results are released to districts via the EDS system following each scoring window.

Who is eligible?
Students must attempt a content area’s exit exam twice before being eligible for this option and may submit only one COE per content area (reading, writing, mathematics, and science). Also, students who transfer into a Washington public school in the 11th or 12th grade, and whose school has submitted a Direct Access application that has been approved, are eligible for this option.

What are the COE submission deadlines?
Please visit for upcoming submission deadlines.

How is a COE scored?
COEs are scored at the state level by professional scorers trained by OSPI content specialists. This ensures the validity and reliability of the assessment. The COE is designed to assess content and skills similar to those assessed on the HSPE and EOCs.

Lessons Learned 2013 Mathematics COE

What is an “augmented collection”?
Students who submit COEs and earn scores that are close to demonstrating proficiency may augment the original COE. To augment a COE, students submit a set of four new work samples that show more proficient knowledge and skills than the work samples submitted in the original COE. For an augmented COE to be successful, scorers must determine that the new work samples enhance the existing COE enough to demonstrate a proficient level of performance.

There are three features of an augmented COE:

  1. Eligible students must have earned a minimum number of points within a pre-determined “band of scores” that is close to the cut score used to meet standard.
  2. Eligible students must submit four new work samples that demonstrate a proficient level of performance.
  3. The augmented collection may be submitted in any scoring window up until the student meets standard in the content area or turns 21 years of age.

How do I learn more about policy changes that affect COE?
Please refer to the Policies in the COE Guidelines.

Who can answer my questions about the process?
Contact your school’s CAA options building facilitator, counselor, or principal. You may also contact Amanda Mount.


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