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School Bus Driver Forms

Sample School Bus Driver Annual Disclosure Form (Effective 9/1/2014) (Word)

Driving Record Request for School District Employees

School Bus Driver Physical Certification - 642A (PDF)

School Bus Driver Training Units and Authorization Checklist - 645A (Word)

School Bus Stop Sign Violation Form - 1514 (PDF)

School Crosswalk Violation Form - 1663 (PDF)

Washington State Authorized School Bus Driver Diabetes Exemption Program - 1643 (Word)

Administration Guidelines for the School Bus Driver Diabetic Exemption Program (PDF)

School Bus Driver Training Record - 1650 (Word)

Annual Transportation Report Forms

School Bus Route and Bus Stop Location Form - 1022A (Excel)

District Car Mileage Log - 1022CM (Word)

District Car Student Count Form - 1022CS (Word)

Student Count Form - 1022D (Word)

Verification of Ridership Data Submitted (Fall) - 1022EF (Word)

Verification of Ridership Data Submitted (Winter) - 1022EW (Word)

Verification of Ridership Data Submitted (Spring) - 1022ES (Word)

McKinney-Vento Worksheet - 1022G (Word)

School Bus Forms

Initial School Bus Inspection Form - 1029 (PDF)

School Bus Acquisition Form - 1020A (Word) (PDF)

School Bus Disposition Form - 1020B (PDF) (Word)

Transportation Vehicle Fund Expenditure Approval - 1023 (PDF)

1400 Vendor Bid Proprosal - This form is NOT REQUIRED for school buses purchased through the state school bus quote system. It is required for every bus not purchased through the state school bus quote system.


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