Title II Part A Program
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TitleII Part A

Program Requirements

Title IIA funds support three broad goals:

  1. Get good teachers through recruitment and hiring practices, as well as requirements for becoming highly-qualified.
  2. Support and grow new teachers using effective induction strategies.
  3. Keep, develop, and sustain teachers through retention practices, class-size reduction, and effective and continual professional development.

Download the summary of research on Title II, Part A, Program-Funded Strategies.

Develop a Plan
Each school district must conduct an assessment of local needs for professional development and hiring, then develop and submit a plan to address those needs. There should be a clear connection between identified needs and Title IIA activities.
Consult with private schools | Document highly qualified teachers | Develop a plan

Allowable Use of Funds
Districts annually submit an application on iGrants for Title IIA funding, as well as a performance report on how the funds were used. Learn more about the guidelines for using your Title IIA grant award.


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