Title II Part A
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Forms for Title II, Part A

Identification Forms

Form A: General Education Teachers—Elementary Level

Form B: General Education Teachers—Middle and High School Level

Form C: Special Education Teachers—Elementary Level

Form D: Special Education Teachers—Middle and High School Level


Points-Based HOUSSE Forms (one-time completion, permanent process for each teaching assignment area)

Washington Points-Based HOUSSE Content Knowledge Matrix—Form 2: Reference document for completion of Points-Based HOUSSE worksheets.

Points-Based HOUSSE Worksheet 2A: General and Special Education Teachers—Elementary Level

Points-Based HOUSSE Worksheet 2B: General and Special Education Teachers—Middle Level Grades (can also be used for K–8 Content Area Specialists)

Points-Based HOUSSE Worksheet 2C: General and Special Education Teachers—High School and K–12 Content Area Specialists

Points-Based HOUSSE Worksheet 2D: Social Studies Teachers—Middle and High School Level (General and Special Education)


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