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Title I

Workshops & Webinars

Adequate Yearly Progress — AYP 101
LAP Student Data Application, 2014

Spring 2014 Workshops for New Directors
New Directors Workshop, Title I/LAP
Follow Up Workshop for New Directors, Title I/LAP
Workshop for Program and Fiscal Directors, Title I/LAP

Adequate Yearly Progress — AYP 101 Workshop
Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, our state must transition back to the law and regulations that govern district and school improvement. Find out how improvement works at the school and district level, and how to make the transition.

What We Covered
Full Presentation (34 slides/PDF) Components of District & School Improvement
Flexibility Waiver Supplemental Educational Services
Resources for Parent Involvement  

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Webinar — LAP Student Data Application, 2014
What We Cover
Changes to LAP data collection requirements, and how to convert academic growth, access the new LAP student data application, work with your enrollment records in the new application and more.

Webinar — LAP Student Data Application (WMV)

Presentation —LAP Student Data Application (PDF/32 slides)

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2014 Spring Workshop

What We Cover

Title I, Part A — reallocation, loss of Washington’s flexibility waiver, return to annual Yearly Progress, school/district improvement, set-asides, family involvement, iGrants and more

Learning Assistance Program — legislative changes, clarifications and updates, and data reporting through iGrants and EDS

Workshop Media & Materials
Webinar (WMV)

Contact Gayle Pauley, (360) 725-6100

2014 New Directors’ Follow-Up Webinar — Title I, Part A/LAP
Prepare for the New School Year

What We Cover
If you’re new to Title I, Part A and the Learning Assistance Program, watch our webinar to learn about Title I and LAP timelines, carryover, changes to LAP and much more. Our presenters from the Title I, Part A/LAP office — director Gayle Pauley, program supervisors Bill Paulson, Mary Jo Johnson, Jody Hess and Penelope Mena, and web content manager Jacqueline Wyatt. Questions? Contact Us.


Private School Participation

3 LAP Scenarios

Carryover & Budget Revision

LAP Updates & Reporting for 2014

Title I & LAP on the Web

Schoolwide Plans & Indistar

ELA Panel & Menu of Best Practices, Strategies

Citizen Complaint Process

Workshop Media & Materials
Webinar (WMV) & Presentation (PDF)















What You Need to Know Right Now
LAP Student Data Application

2013 New Directors’ Workshops

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