Workshops & Webinars
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Title I

Workshops & Webinars

Watch an Archived Webinar — 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

2016 Workshops and Webinars
ProgramMedia and MaterialsDate

Title I, Part A and LAP

Webinar: Walkthrough Annual Applications for Title I and LAP (WMV)

August 2016

Title I, Part A

Webinar: Updates to Title I, Part A FP 244 End of Year Report SY15-16 (WMV) | Slides (PDF/15 slides)

May 2016

Private Schools and Federal Programs

Training: Private School Participation in Federal Programs (PDF/98 slides) │ Slides by Topic

January 2016

2015 Workshops and Webinars

Title I, Part A and LAP

October, 2015 New Director’s Workshop (PPT/98 slides)| Slide Notes (PPT/77 pages)
Title I, Part A Fiscal/Grants Management | Slide Notes
School Improvement and Background Checks | Slide Notes
Targeted Assistance and Schoolwide | Slide Notes | Schoolwide and First Focus: K-4 Literacy
Parent Involvement | Slide Notes
Learning Assistance Program | Slide Notes (First Focus, Literacy, Eligibility, Menus of Best Practice, Allowable Activities, Readiness to Learn, LAP Behavior, Program Planning, Data Collection and Reporting, Monitor Progress, Assurances, Data, CEDARS Codes, CPR)

October 2015

Title I, Part A and LAP

Webinar (WMV) | Presentation (88 pages, PDF)
Title I, Part A Community Eligibility Provision | Fiscal | School Improvement | District Improvement | Supplemental Educational Services | Public School Choice | District Responsibilities | Building a Quality Program
Homeless Children and Youth McKinney-Vento Data Collection
LAP K-4 Literacy, Reporting

June 2015

Title I, Part A and LAP

Webinar (WMV) | Presentation (PPT, 55 slides)
LAP K-4 Reading, Grade 3 Requirements, Reporting
Title I, Part A Carryover | CPR | Parent Involvement | Citizen Complaint | SES

February 2015

2014 Workshops and Webinars

Title I, Part A

Four Mandatory Webinars


Title I, Part A

Webinar (WMV)

April, 2014

Title I, Part A and LAP

Webinar (WMV) │ Presentation (PDF, 110 slides)
Contacts for Network Meetings
Title I, Part A Deadlines & iGrants FP 201 | Adequate Yearly Progress | Public School Choice | Supplemental Education Services | Parent Involvement | Schoolwide & Targeted | Fiscal and CPR
LAP Purpose, Deadlines & iGrants FP 218 | Readiness to Learn | Reporting | Panels, Timeline & ELA Menu

September, 2014

Title I, Part A

Webinar (WMV) | Presentation (PPT, 59 slides)
Flexibility Waiver & ProposalAYP Steps of ImprovementSupplemental Educational Services

August, 2014

Title I, Part A

Presentation (PDF, 34 slides)
Flexibility WaiverResources for Parent InvolvementComponents of District & School ImprovementSupplemental Educational Services

June, 2014


Webinar (WMV) | Presentation (PDF, 32 slides)
FAQsBulletin 013-14User Guide

May, 2014

Title I, Part A and LAP

Webinar (WMV) | Presentation (PDF, 39 slides)

March, 2014

Title I, Part A and LAP

Webinar (WMV) | Presentation (PDF, 38 slides)
Title I Title I Year-at-a-GlanceCarryover & Budget RevisionSchoolwide Plans & IndistarPrivate School ParticipationCitizen Complaint Process
LAP Updates & Reporting for 2014ELA Panel & Menu of Best Practices, Strategies3 LAP Scenarios

February, 2014

2013 Workshops and Webinars

Title I, Part A

Webinar (WMV) | Presentation (PDF) | Accountability Reporting (PDF)

September, 2013

Learning Assistance Program

Webinar (WMV) | Presentation (PPT) | Bulletin 040-13 New LAP Requirements

August, 2013

Title I, Part A and LAP

Presentation (PPT) | 2013-14 Year-at-a-Glance | OMB Circular A-87 Cost Principles for State, Local and Indian Tribal Governments | Substitute System Fixed Schedule Certification Form

May, 2013





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