Parent/Guardian Notification — Sample Letters
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Title I

Parent/Guardian Notification — Sample Letters

At each stage of school improvement—identification, corrective action, restructuring—the school district must provide a detailed explanation of the causes and consequences of the school's performance. These communications must also offer ways that parents can become involved in the education of their children.

These sample letters of notification cover the primary components of compliance with federal law related to adequate yearly progress, public school choice and supplemental educational services. We encourage districts to use these letters as templates and customize them for the families whose children attend schools in a step of improvement.

Keep in mind that, once you edit the text, we cannot guarantee that the content will still comply with federal law.

Sample Letters for Parent/Guardian Notification
District in Improvement — Steps 1 & 2

School In Improvement
Step 1 Steps 2, 3, 4 Step 5
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SEDL National Center for Family and Community Connections with Schools
SEDL developed these sample notification letters for districts. Keep in mind that, once you edit these letters and forms from SEDL, the content might not comply with federal law.

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Title I, Part A

Family Involvement for Districts & Schools in Improvement

Adequate Yearly Progress

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