Title I and Learning Assistance Program
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Title I

Targeted Assistance Model – Title I, Part A

A targeted assistance program centers academic support and related services and on a specific group of students — at risk not to meet state standards. Schools that allocate Title I, Part A funds for targeted assistance have also elected not to operate a schoolwide program. The intent is not overall school improvement but rather to concentrate on those students who struggle academically.

Program Template for Targeted Assistance

  • Summarizes Section 1115 of the NCLB with strategies for building plans.

Program Models, Basics, & Rank Order


Schoolwide Program

Award Programs
State & Federal Awards
Title I Schools Achieve!

List of District Administrators

Committee of Practitioners
Committee Members

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Laws & Regulations
Title I, Part A Laws,& Regs (USEd)NCLB/ESEA

Private Schools
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