Grant Management for Title I, Part A Programs
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Title I

Grant Management for Title I, Part A Programs

Federal/State Guidance, Laws & Regulations
Find guidance and regulations that support fiscal accountability and effective programming.
Non-regulatory Guidance: Fiscal Issues
Look for: Maintenance of Effort │ Comparability │ Supplement, Not Supplant │ Carryover │ Consolidate Funds in Schoolwide Programs │ Grantback Requirements

OMB A-87 Revised
This federal circular details the principles and standards that determine how to expend federal award money.

EDGAR — Education Dept. General Administrative Regulations & Other Applicable Grant Regulations
Part 80 (Administrative Requirements for Grants) and Part 76 (State-administered Programs) are two important components of EDGAR that frame the way districts and schools design Title I, Part A programs.

ESEA Flexibility Waiver
In 2012, the federal government granted our state the ability to waive specific requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

Federal/State Laws & Regulations
Find an index of the federal and state laws and regulations that govern Title I, Part A program design and delivery.

Identify Eligible Schools & Allocate Funds
Use this guidance to 1) identify eligible school attendance areas and schools, and 2) allocate funds for Title I, Part A services.

Time & Effort, Combine Funds & Comparability
Time & Effort. Administrate and report time and effort for employees whose salaries are charged to your Title I, Part A allocation.
Bulletin 051-11 (Word) │ Charge employees to federal grants (Word) │ Time and Effort Reporting (PPT)

Combine Funds. Blend allowable federal, state and local funding sources to leverage the programmatic flexibility of your schoolwide program.

Comparability of Services. Districts must make sure that the services students and families receive in schools that receive Title I, Part A funds are comparable to those services available in schools that do not receive funding from Title I, Part A.
Report for Title I, Part A Bulletin 053-12 | Guidelines

Bulletins & Memos

2013-14 Year-at-a-Glance

Annual Measurable Objectives

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