Supplemental Education Services (SES)
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Title I

Supplemental Education Services (SES)

In step 2 of a school improvement program, the district must offer opportunities for additional instruction -- supplemental educational services -- designed to increase academic achievement. SES are unique to schools that operate a Title I, Part A program, and available to students whose families qualify as low income and who rank as lowest-achieving.

Funds for SES Allocations By District | Maximum Per-child Expenditure

SES Provider List, Assurances, and Marketing and Business Practices
The law directs OSPI to identify a list of qualified SES providers able to offer remediation in reading, language arts and mathematics, and instruction able to improve the language proficiency English language learners (ELL). Parents/guardians select the service they feel is right for their child.
State-Approved SES Providers | Assurances | Evaluation Rubric | Marketing & Business Practices


The Basics

SES Contract Templates and Student Achievement Goal Plan (SAGP)  
Once parents select an SES provider, the district develops a contract with the provider.

Waiver Request, Notification Letters & Parent Guides, Steps of Improvement
District as SES Provider Approval of Waiver Request

Title I, Part A

Adequate Yearly Progress

Public School Choice

Supplemental Educational Services

Accountability Applications, Plans & Reports

Laws, Regulations & Guidance

Webinar — Return to AYP, school/district improvement and more

Loss of the Flexibility Waiver — Media Release

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