Supplemental Education Services (SES)
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Title I

2015-16 Supplemental Education Services (SES)

In step 2 of a school improvement program, the district must offer opportunities for additional instruction — supplemental educational services — designed to increase academic achievement. SES are unique to schools that operate a Title I, Part A program, and available to students whose families qualify as low income. Jump to SES Basics

Districts and SES Providers - Information and Resources

SES Provider List — OSPI Approved for 2015-16 School Year
SES Providers — OSPI Approved for the 2015-16 School YearInstructions: Build a List of SES Providers Who Work in Your District

Important Information for Parents
Call your school district if you have questions or need information about SES providers in your area.

SES Provider Training, PSC/SES Implementation Guide, Background Checks, Assurances and Contracts
Watch this page for the list of state-approved SES providers and contact details for district SES coordinators — coming August, 2015.

Templates: Parent Notification Letters, Forms and Checklist
General Notification | SES Eligible Student | Request SES | Withdraw from SES | Checklist of Notification Requirements

Parent Guides to Supplemental Educational Services
EnglishRussianSpanishVietnameseGiving Parents Options (U.S. Department of Education, 2007)

Questions about SES?
Email or call the Title I, Part A office at OSPI — 360-725-6100.


The Basics






Adequate Yearly Progress

Public School Choice

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