Family Involvement - Title I, Part A
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Title I, Part A

Family Involvement in Title I, Part A Services

We know that family involvement in a child’s education is a greater predictor of academic success than whether or not that family is affluent or poor. That’s why Title I, Part A program regulations insist on robust family involvement activities at every school where these federal funds support effective teaching and engaged learning. 

Title I, Part A Defines a Parent. Natural parent, legal guardian or a person standing in loco parentis (in the place of) a parent. Could be a grand- or step-parent with whom the child lives, or a person who is legally responsible for the child’s welfare.

Title I, Part A Defines Parent Involvement. Participation of parents in regular, two-way and meaningful communications with school staff that involves the student, addresses learning and engages the family in school activities.

Family & Community Engagement — Resources, Program Ideas, Templates & More
Resources for Family & Community Engagement - we’ve compiled a variety of creative, resource-rich ideas for schools and districts.

Parents/Guardians: Your Right To Know, Title I, Part A Programs
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Districts & Familiy Involvement

Schools & Familiy Involvement

Schools & Districts in Improvement

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