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Title I

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Title I, Part A, Learning Assistance Program (LAP) & Consolidated Program Review (CPR)
Paula Moore, Director, Title I, Part A/LAP/CPR
Kevan Saunders, Director's Assistant, Title I, Part A/LAP/CPR 360-725-6100

Program Supervisors - Title I, Part A & Learning Assistance Program (LAP)
Larry Fazzari, 360-725-6189
Jamey Gelhar, 360-725-6104
Mary Jo Johnson, 360-725-6103
Nate Marciochi 360-725-6172
Penelope Mena, 360-725-6069
Cara Patrick, 360-725-6232

LAP Program Supervisors and Menus of Best Practices
Joshua Lynch, Reducing Disruptive Behaviors, 360-725-6100 | Readiness To Learn | Student Discipline
Amy Thierry, ELA and Research, 360-725-6026
Paula Moore, Math and Research, 360-725-6100

Research & Data Analysts - Title I, Part A, LAP & CPR
Jordyn Green, Data Analyst, 360-725-6317

Support Staff - Title I, Part A, LAP & CPR
Julie Chace, 360-725-6167
Kim Cusick, 360-725-6101
Tony May, 360-725-6231
Estela Schmelzer, 360-725-6169


   Updated 2/11/2016

Old Capitol Building, PO Box 47200, 600 Washington St. S.E., Olympia, WA  98504-7200  360-725-6000  TTY 360-664-3631
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