Title I, Part A
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Title I

Bulletins and Memos

Community Eligibility Provision
Information for non-child nutrition programs that use free and reduced price data for poverty reporting for Title I, Part A and state-funded programs. — M016-15 | Frequently Asked Questions About CEP

Private Schools
Bulletin 064-14

Parent Involvement
Requirements for districts and schools that receive Title I, Part A funds - B056-14

Comparability Report for Title I, Part A Due October 31
Districts with schools that receive Title I, Part A funds must use state and local funds to provide comparable services to schools that do not receive Title I, Part A funds. B057-14

N<30 Adequate Yearly Progress
School Improvement Plan Submission and Schools with No Population Tested on the Statewide Assessment B047-14

Return to Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)
Bulletin 038-14Accountability Workbook Update (A)‚ Sanctions (B)‚ Appeals Process (C)‚ Timeline (D)‚ Uniform Bar (E)

Combine Funds
B054-12 Combining Funds in Title I, Part A Schoolwide Programs

Fiscal - Time & Effort
Charge Employee Compensation to Federal Grants B051-11Standards ‚ (FAQ)

Grant Award Reporting Process, carryover, budget revision and more B044-13

Highly Capable Programming is Basic Education
Districts must provide programming for highly capable students as a component of basic education | B016-13 & Amended WAC (392-170)

N<20 & School Improvement Plans
N<20 School Improvement Plan Submission and Schools with No Population Tested on the Statewide Assessment‚ B066-13School Improvement Plans (SIP)Schools that Must Submit SIPSn<20 SIP Feedback Formn<20 SIP Assurance Form

Prayer in Public Schools
Local Education Agency Certification for Constitutionally Protected Prayer in Public Schools‚ B008-15



Programs, Fiscal & the State Waiver
Title I, Part AFiscal - Federal Programs | Flexibility Waiver SchoolwideTargeted Assistance | Parent Involvement

Highly Qualified Teachers
Schoolwide 1114(b)(1)(C), Targeted 1115(c)(1)(E), Title I, Part A Regulations
Private Schools
Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

LoginInventory of Form Packages Title I, Part A 201, 244, 245, 246, 247, 361 Learning Assistance Program 218

Laws & Regulations
Title I, Part A Laws,& Regs (USEd)NCLB/ESEA | Principal Attestations (Word)

Learning Assistance Program
ESB 5946 (Chapter 28A.165 RCW) WAC 392-162Chapter 28A.165 RCW

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