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Writing: Elementary



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The fourth grade 2012 Writing Assessment consisted of 2 prompts: 1 Narrative prompt and 1 Expository Prompt. Each prompt consisted of 2 strands: Content, Organization and Style (COS) - worth 4 points and Conventions (CONV) - worth 2 points, for a total of 12 points.

The 2013 grade 4 Writing Assessment will have no changes.

Prompt Purpose

2012 Sample Prompts in Booklets

Scoring Support Materials

Scoring Guides

State, District,
Building Data

Write to
Tell a Story

Behind the Hidden Door
This booklet format will be used in 2013

Content, Organization, & Style


By Strand

State Report Card

By Purpose
(to explain, to persuade)

Write to

Weekend Activity
This booklet format will be used in 2013

Instructional Materials

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