Safe Routes to School Programs
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Safe Routes to School Programs

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The Safe Routes to School: Bike and Pedestrian Safety Education (SRTS) program is made possible by a grant from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). OSPI collaborates with Feet First and Cascade Bicycle Club to provide training and materials to the funded districts. The goal of the program is to improve safety and encourage more students in grades 5–8 to safely walk and bicycle to school. In the process, the programs are working to reduce traffic congestion and improve student health and the environment, increase student academic success, increase attendance, and make communities more livable for everyone.

The SRTS program provides training and materials to districts and schools to implement the program and the grant funds are used to purchase a bicycle fleet and a trailer to store them in. Current grants totaled approximately $25,000.

The SRTS program began in 2009 as a pilot project funded by the Washington State Legislature. The pilot project was a success, and continues to be so as the total number of districts continues to increase.

    2010–12: 25 districts
    2012–14: 13 districts
    2015–17: 17 districts

If funding for 2017–19 is renewed, it is projected another 20 districts will be added for funding.

Download the most current Safe Routes to School Program Evaluation report.

Program Curriculum
Full Curriculum (December 2013)

Lessons and Sections

  • Cover and Introduction
  • Curriculum at a Glance
  • Pre-Unit Preparations
  • Lesson 1: Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Captain Barclay
  • Lesson 3: Eyeballs!
  • Lesson 4: Clothing & Equipment
  • Lesson 5: Bicycle Handling Practice
  • Lesson 6: Beginning Traffic Skills Practice
  • Lesson 7: Advanced Traffic Skills Practice
  • Lesson 8: The Walking Audit
  • Additional Resources


What's New

Mini-Grant Funding for School Districts Currently Available

Grant Purpose: To encourage bicycle and pedestrian safety activities for students in 5th-8th grade in school districts across the state.

Grant Award Details: The grant award to school districts will be up to $1,500 and may be used for activities that encourage biking and walking to school.

Applications: Please submit grant applications to: Shannon Koller at Cascade Bicycle Club,


There is an opportunity to apply for immediate funding for the implementation of the Safe Routes to School program for grades 6-8 in local districts! The program provides a fleet of bicycles, a storage trailer, a curriculum, and training, to districts, to promote increased walking and cycling to school. iGrants #552 (16-17) has been posted on the OSPI iGrants site and will be due back to OSPI on April 24 (4:00PM). Program Supervisor Bill Evans will assist in any way he can with the application process. Bikes and trailers must be ordered and received by the district by June 30, 2017. You will not be required to begin implementation until Fall 2017. At this time, only districts that have not been funded previously for the program are eligible to apply.


OSPI, SRTS Program Supervisor:
Bill Evans

Cascade Bicycle Club:
Shannon Koller

Additional Information:

   Updated 4/14/2017

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