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Technical Assistance
General Supervision

As required by IDEA 2004, Washington State has designed and implemented an effective, efficient, and integrated accountability and management system through which general supervisory authority is exercised. Six high performance teams work collaboratively with the state-level special education advisory council, local and regional educational agencies, and parent advocacy groups to ensure improved academic and functional outcomes for students with disabilities. The state and local educational agencies must be able to collect, examine, evaluate, and report data to demonstrate that IDEA 2004 is being effectively implemented to produce both results for students and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Technical assistance resources on this page include research, articles, tools, templates, technical assistance centers, and websites. (Note: Use of the resources included on this site does not guarantee that the district’s performance or determination status under section 616(d), will improve for the next reporting period.)

Timely Correction of Non-Compliance

Timely and Accurate Data

  • Improving Data Quality, Improving Outcomes (OSPI, 8/16, PDF) This information presented at the fall 2016 WASA Special Education Administrator’s Workshop, provides an overview of the federal data reporting requirements including timelines, instructions, and tips for completing.
  • Reporting Requirements Bulletin (B053-16, OSPI, 9/26/16, Word) – This bulletin informs school districts of all the federally required data that will be collected during the 2016-17 school year. Each collection has a separate set of instructions, data collection forms, and due dates.

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