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Staff Presentations and Handouts
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2014 OSPI/WASA Special Education Workshop August 7 – August 8, 2014

Presentation Presenter(s)

Alternate Assessment 2014–15 and Beyond

Lesley Siegel


Dispute Resolution – Cases, Trends and Tips

Pamela McPartland
Kasi Walker
Abigail Westbrook

Dispute Resolution Handout

Graduation Requirements for Students Eligible for Special Education: 2014-15 School Year and Beyond

John Bresko
Christopher Hanczrik
Lesley Siegel


Managing Special Education Data Reporting

Sandy Grummick


OSPI Federal Accountability Update

Gil Mendoza


Pressure Points: Strategies for Identifying and Preventing Potential Disputes with Parents throughout the Special Education Process

Scott Raub

Personal Inventory for Educators Regarding Family-School Partnerships
Conflict Indicators
Guidelines for Effective Communication with Families
Goals and Strategies for Developing Family-School Partnerships

Safety Net – The Year in Review

Mary Ellen Parrish


Section 504 Part I: Understanding Section 504, Step-by-Step

Calandra Sechrist
Kristin Hennessey

Section 504 Handout

Section 504 Part II: Avoiding the Top Section 504 Pitfalls

Calandra Sechrist
Kristin Hennessey


Smarter Balanced-Washington’s Transition to New Assessments

Christopher Hanczrik
Cinda Parton


Special Education Accountability

Jennifer Story


Special Education Data: 2014 and Beyond

Sandy Grummick
Amber O’Donnell


Special Education Funding 101

Mary Ellen Parrish


State Implementation and Scaling-Up of Evidence-based Practices (SISEP)

Wendy Iwaszuk
Fran McCarthy
Kelly Goodsell

How Can Active Implementation with SISEP Add Value to Our Education System (Word)

Understanding the Significance of the Federal IDEA Grant Application within Special Education Funding

Janice Tornow
John Bresko

Organizational Structure for Special Education

WISM in Review: Part I – Overview

Valerie Arnold
Clark Crace
Miriam Tencate
Janice Tornow

Critical Elements Outline Handout

WISM in Review: Part II – Results and Trends

Jennifer Story
Janice Tornow
Wendy Iwaszuk


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