Rulemaking and Public Comment
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Rulemaking and Public Comment

The Special Education Section posts notices of any rulemaking activities that are specific to possible rule changes to state special education rules.

We invite and encourage participation in the rule making process either through providing written comment or providing public comment, when public hearings are scheduled. Your written or public comments regarding proposed rules improve our efforts in developing final rules.

Public Comment: Special Education Safety Net Legislative Workgroup Recommendations

Engrossed House Bill 2242, Sec. 408 (2017) directed the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to review the current Safety Net process and make recommendations of possible adjustments to improve the Safety Net process and to evaluate the appropriate funding level to meet the purpose of Safety Net. The Special Education Safety Net Legislative Workgroup, formed in September 2017, has drafted recommendations to Superintendent Reykdal and will finalize them in August, 2018.​

OSPI and the Special Education Safety Net Legislative Workgroup are seeking public input on the recommendations put forth by the Workgroup, prior to being finalized.

The recommendations will be available from July 12–August 7, 2018. To submit your comments, email with "Safety Net Legislative Workgroup" in the subject line. Please feel free to forward this notice to any parties who may be interested in providing input.

Review the Recommendations (PDF)




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