Rulemaking and Public Comment
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Rulemaking and Public Comment

The Special Education Section posts notices of any rulemaking activities that are specific to possible rule changes to state special education rules.

We invite and encourage participation in the rule making process either through providing written comment or providing public comment, when public hearings are scheduled. Your written or public comments regarding proposed rules improve our efforts in developing final rules.

Proposed Changes to WAC 392-172A

OSPI is proposing to make changes to Chapter 392-172A WAC – the Rules for the Provision of Special Education. Below are the links to the CR-102 form explaining the reasons for the proposed changes and a draft of the proposed changes.

Comments regarding the proposed rules can be mailed to:

Glenna Gallo, Assistant Superintendent of Special Education
Attn: Special Education Section
P.O. Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200​

Comments can also be emailed to



   Updated 8/29/2017

Old Capitol Building, PO Box 47200, 600 Washington St. S.E., Olympia, WA  98504-7200  360-725-6000  TTY 360-664-3631
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