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Video Stories for Students, by Students

Navigation 101 Video Overview: What is Navigation 101?

This 27-minute video introduces Navigation 101 and its five key elements, and features students and advisors from around the state.

Navigation 101 Video Student-Led Conference

This 12-minute video introduces the student-led conference with real-life examples featuring students from around the state. The video is designed for students to help them prepare for their own conferences.

Navigation 101 Video Student Portfolio

This 10-minute video introduces the Navigation planning portfolio through the words of students, who share their own portfolios and demonstrate how portfolios are used.

Navigation 101 Video Student-Driven Scheduling

Student-driven scheduling, which encourages students to take the most advanced courses they can, is a key part of Navigation. This 11-minute video is designed for students in grades 8–11 to help them develop course registration plans.

Navigation 101 Video Heather’s Story | Jan’s Story | Trey’s Story | Rukie’s Story

The above links are to video stories by students who have participated in Navigation 101 exercises/lessons. The students attended a long-time Navigation 101 participant school. We hope you will share them with your students and staff.

Navigation 101 Video Student Advisory

This video is designed to help advisors. It introduces the Navigation advisory format and provides tips for building coordinators and new advisors. You can incorporate this video into your back-to-school Navigation planning.

Navigation 101 Video Data

Understanding how and why Navigation succeeds is important for the program’s success. This video, which is designed for lead advisors, building coordinators, and administrators, covers the data collection that is required of all Navigation grantees.







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