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School Facilities

Map layers, legends, address search, demographicsSchool Facilities & Organization administers the Capital Budget, the School Construction Assistance Program, and a number of other programs. Based on OSPI’s work, the Legislature makes biennial appropriations to release state funds for school construction assistance to school districts. Districts must apply to OSPI for the funding as it is not directly appropriated to the school districts.

Funding Resources for School Facilities
A helpful list for any school district planning a capital project.

School Construction Assistance Program
Provides funding assistance for facility planning, new construction and modernizations.

K-3 Class Size Reduction Grants
The Legislature provided $200 million in competitive grant capital funds that school districts can apply for to help achieve progress towards class size reduction and all-day Kindergarten goals.

Emergency Response Grants
The Legislature provided $10 million in competitive grant capital funds that school districts can apply for on behalf of their school facilities.

Emergency Repair Pool for K–12 Schools
The 2013 Legislature appropriated $5,000,000 solely to address unexpected and imminent health and safety hazards at K-12 public schools, including skill centers, that will impact the day-to-day operations of the school Facility.

Energy Grants Program
Funds appropriated by the state legislature and administered by OSPI. The grants provide money to help with the costs of energy improvements in K-12 school buildings, while stimulating the economy by creating jobs.

Asset Preservation Program (APP)
A performance-based program designed to help districts maintain the 30-year life expectancy of a new building.

High-Performance School Buildings Program
Assists school districts with meeting the requirements of the high-performance buildings law.

Pre-Disaster Mitigation Project
This project will identify the risks from natural hazards to our students, teachers, and school facilities, and develop a statewide hazard mitigation plan for Washington state K-12 facilities.

School Facilities Information Portal
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