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School Facilities


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Reason for Rule Change Status Language Changes

Space allocations
In accordance with the proviso language in Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5035, the small high school space allocation changed from 0–100 student headcount to 0–200 student headcount. This change will adjust the space allocation for state funding assistance purposes from 37,000 square feet to 42,000 square feet for districts with senior or four-year high schools that have fewer than 400 students.

CR 103

WAC 392-343-035(3)

Adjustment of assets and liabilities–Time Considerations
This WAC change is administrative and will amend the rule for consistency with a county deadline for establishing tax rates in the event of a school district boundary change. The deadline for establishing tax rates for the following year is August 1.The current WAC reads March 1.

CR 103

WAC 392-340-210



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