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Apprentice Utilization Requirement
School District Public Works Contracts

OSPI now requires that school districts certify compliance with the Apprentice Utilization Requirements prior to releasing retainage. This is required on the D-11 Form.

What is the requirement?
State law HB 1898 requires that all school district public works contracts include language stating that a portion of the labor hours on the contract be performed by registered apprentices in state-approved apprenticeship programs. This apprentice utilization requirement creates training opportunities that will assure a skilled workforce will be able to construct public works contracts in the future, especially as many in the current workforce move toward retirement.

The law allows for a phase-in of the requirement over a two-year period:

Advertisement Date Estimated Cost Apprentice Requirement
January 1, 2008 – December 31, 2008 $3 M or greater No less than 10%
January 1, 2009 – December 31, 2009 $2 M or greater No less than 12%
January 1, 2010 – Forward $1 M or greater No less than 15%

Note: RCW 39.04.320 Section (c)(i) does not apply to contracts advertised for bid before January 1, 2008, for any public works by a school district, or to any project funded in whole or in part by bond issues approved before July 1, 2007.

What data is collected?
The legislation requires the Washington State Department of General Administration to collect the following data from school districts for the purpose of reporting the data to requesting agencies:

  • Contractor name and address
  • Contract number
  • Project name
  • Contract value
  • The date of the contractor’s notice to proceed
  • Name and registration number of each apprentice
  • Total number of apprentices and labor hours worked by them, categorized by trade or craft.
  • Total number of journeymen and labor hours worked by them, categorized by trade or craft.
  • Cumulative combined total of apprentice and journeymen labor hours.
  • Total percentage of apprentice hours worked

How are “registered apprentices” defined?
Registered apprentices are only those individuals who are enrolled in an apprenticeship training program that is approved by the Washington State Apprenticeship and Training Council. For more information about apprenticeship, for a list of approved apprenticeship programs, or to verify whether an individual is a registered apprentice, visit the Labor & Industries Apprenticeship Web site, or call LNI at (360) 902-5320.

How does a school district comply?

  • Include correct language in your contract. Apprenticeship utilization language should be included in all relevant contracts and advertisements for bids. Examples of this language are included below.

    Advertisement language:
    “Mandatory (10/12/15)% apprentice labor hours of the total labor hours are a requirement of the construction contract. Bidders may contact the Department of Labor & Industries, Apprenticeship Section, to obtain information on available apprenticeship programs.”

    Contract language: “The apprenticeship labor hours required for this project are (10/12/15)% of the total labor hours. The undersigned agrees to utilize this level of apprentice participation. Voluntary workforce diversity goals for this apprentice participation are identified in the Instructions to Bidders and Supplemental Conditions.”

  • Track the data. School districts are strongly encouraged to track data throughout the project. Doing so will ensure the district and contractor are aware of the utilization percentage over the life of the project and may allow the school district take any necessary measures to adjust low performing contracts.

  • Submit the data to GA School districts shall submit reports to General Administration at the conclusion of the project. We request that the data be submitted within 45 days of the final construction contract acceptance. Submit information in electronic format only (emailed Excel spreadsheet – see attached). Submit to and to

    School districts with affected projects must provide apprentice utilization data for each project. General Administration recommends that contractors be required to submit utilization information to the school districts in regular intervals, such as with each invoice submission.

Questions may be directed to

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