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School Facilities

  School Environmental Health and Safety

August 2009 Actions
At its August 12 meeting in Olympia, the Board adopted a revised proposal to update its school environmental health and safety rule. The Board added language to the rule proposal to reflect statutory limitations on implementing the revised rules unless state funding is provided. Other changes to the proposal allow the existing school environmental health and safety rule to remain in effect until the new provisions may be implemented.

CR-102 Supplemental filed July 1, 2009 as WSR 09-14-136 
Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050
SBOH Contact: Ned Therien, 360-236-4103
DOH Contact: Nancy Bernard, 360-236-3072, or Mark Soltman, 360-236-336

The Department of Health’s 2009 – 2011 budget contains the following proviso: “The department of health and the state board of health shall not implement any new or amended rules pertaining to primary and secondary school facilities until the rules and a final cost estimate have been presented to the legislature, and the legislature has formally funded implementation of the rules through the omnibus appropriations act or by statute. 

The School Environmental Health Program:

  • Provides technical assistance, consultation and training associated with the State Board of Health rules and regulation, which address primary and secondary school environmental health and safety.
  • Helps local health jurisdictions, public and private schools and parent groups.
  • Provides training and consultation at schools, seminars, meetings and conferences.
  • Develops, gathers, and distributes relevant information to various audiences through newsletters, media and the Internet.
  • Works with local health departments and schools to reduce the number and severity of illness and injuries occurring at schools.

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