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School Facilities

School Construction Assistance Program


The School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP) provides funding assistance to school districts that are undertaking a major new construction or modernization project.

Projects must meet eligibility requirements based on age and condition for modernization and a need for more space for new construction.

School districts are responsible to secure local funding for construction projects. If eligible, the State provides partial funding based on formulas, allowances, and costs related to certain aspects of a construction project called recognized project costs.

How Does State Assistance Work?

Funding Formula Drivers

Project Information

Guidance Document
Recent amendments to Chapter 28A.335.010 RCW now requires all school districts to consider certain design features when constructing or modernizing schools. Please see School Facility Design Safety Guidance for more information.
Note: All projects, including Local and state funded, are required to consider these design features.

Certified Building Condition Assessments (BCA)
To be qualified to perform certified building condition assessments for study and surveys and asset preservation program buildings, consultants must attend an OSPI Certified Building Condition Assessment training. The training is required for all consultants who will work with school districts to complete Inventory and Building Condition Assessments. If you need to be certified, please contact School Facilities at (360) 725-6265.

List of Certified BCA Consultants

Technical assistance in facilities planning and obtaining state assistance for construction is available from the Regional Coordinators. They are the primary point of contact for school districts that are in the process of developing capital programs and gaining financial assistance from the state to expand or modernize school facilities.


School Construction Assistance Program

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