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School Facilities

Funding Resources for School District Facilities


Program Eligible School Districts/Projects

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School Construction Assistance Program

The School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP) assists school districts with funding for new construction and modernization of existing buildings.

Eligible projects/school districts: Projects must meet eligibility requirements based on age and condition for modernization and a need for more space for new construction. Contact an OSPI regional coordinator for specific eligibility in your district.

OSPI School Facilities & Organization
Regional Coordinator
(360) 725-6265
Regional Coordinator Distributions

Qualified Zone Academy Bonds

Provides interest-free bonds for facility repair, and renovation also technology and teacher curricula.

Eligible projects/school districts: Requires a 10% private partnership match AND for the school to be located in an empowerment zone or have 30% free and reduced lunch participation.

OSPI School Facilities and Organization
(360) 725-6265

Emergency Repair Pool for K-12 Schools

The 2013 Legislature appropriated $5,000,000 solely to address unexpected and imminent health and safety hazards at K-12 public schools, including skill centers, that will impact the day-to-day operations of the school Facility.

OSPI School Facilities & Organization
Scott Black
(360) 725-6268

School Bond Guarantee Program

Provides credit enhancement to voter-approved general obligation bonds issued by a school district.

Eligible projects/school districts: School districts planning on issuing general obligation bonds in need of credit enhancement.

Office of the State Treasurer
School Bond Guarantee Program
Pam Johnson
(360) 902-9021

Local Option Capital Asset Lending (LOCAL)

Allows local municipalities to pool bond sales to achieve lower costs of issuance and interest rates.

Eligible projects/school districts: School districts looking for a method to finance smaller issuances of debt. Projects funded can include school buses, construction projects, HVAC systems, computers, office furniture, copiers, vacant land, portable classrooms and energy projects.

Office of the State Treasurer
LOCAL Program
Pam Johnson
(360) 902-9021

USDA Rural Development Loans and Grants

This program offers both loans and grants for community facilities for public use in rural areas.

Eligible projects/school districts: School districts in communities with populations up to 20,000.

U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Community Programs Rural Development
Peter McMillin
(360) 704-7737

Impact Aid Construction Grants (Sec. 8007)

Section 8007(a) provides formula grants to the local school districts based on the number of eligible federally connected children they educate.
Section 8007(b) provides competitive grants for emergency repairs and modernization.

Eligible projects/school districts: Construction grants go to local school districts that educate high percentages of certain federally connected children — both children living on Indian lands and children of members of the uniformed services.

U.S. Department of Education
Office of Elementary & Secondary Education
(202) 401-0113

Incentives for renewable energy and efficiency

Most Washington State utilities offer rebates, loans and incentives for energy conservation and renewable energy projects.

Eligible projects/school districts: School districts replacing building systems with energy and water conserving products such lighting, HVAC, boilers, insulation, controls, solar panels, etc.

Contact your local utility for specific utility incentives in your area.

U.S. Department of Energy
national database of state incentives


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