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School Facilities

Forms and Applications School Facilities D-Forms

D-1 Study and Survey Grant Application (pdf) (xls)
D-3 Project Application (pdf) (xls)
Form SPI 1066 Enrollment Classroom Count (Word)
D-5 Application for Preliminary Funding Status (pdf) (xls)
D-7 Application to Proceed with Bid Opening (pdf) (xls)
D-7ASF1 Summary of Assignable Square Feet(ASF) by Building--Instructions (pdf) (xls)
D-7ARE1 Area Analysis Summary Form (pdf) (xls)
D-7ARE2 Area Analysis Worksheet (pdf) (xls)
D-9 Application for Authorization to Sign Contracts (pdf) (xls)
D-9 GCCM Application for Authorization to Sign MACC Agreement (pdf) (xls)
D-11 Application for Release of Retainage (xls)

High Performance School Requirements - Alignment with D Forms

D-3 Indicate high-performance standard or exemption
D-5 Submit the preliminary WSSP or LEED Scorecard

Submit the following:
- Design-phase Scorecard (update of preliminary scorecard)
- Design-phase cost analysis to implement WSSP or LEED.
The WSSP scorecard and cost analysis report templates are found in the WSSP Workplan workbook.
- Sustainable Building Strategy (2-4 page summary of sustainable features selected)
- Executive summary of the Energy Conservation Report, also known as the ELCCA.


- Final WSSP or LEED Scorecard (update of design-phase scorecard)
- Final Cost Analysis (update of estimated cost information)
- The WSSP scorecard and cost analysis report templates are found in the WSSP Workplan workbook.
- A letter from the district superintendent certifying that the final submittals have been sent to OSPI, and that annual reporting will take place for five years following building occupancy or board acceptance.

Annual Report

Districts must report to OSPI every year for five years following board acceptance or building occupancy.  Annual reports include energy and water use and operational performance. The annual report workbook template is located on the OSPI Web site.


Forms and Applications:

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