Marijuana and Other Drugs
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Marijuana and Other Drugs

Washington Initiative 502 was passed in November of 2012. The initiative licenses and regulates marijuana production, distribution, and possession for persons over the age of 21. Although limited amounts of marijuana are legal for those over 21 years of age in the state of Washington, those under 21 can be charged with Minor in Possession.

Youth brain development continues into ones 20s. Research has shown that marijuana has negative effects on attention, memory, and learning. These effects can last for days or weeks after the immediate effects of the drug wear off.

For more information on marijuana and marijuana use, see:

Information on Drugs and Drug Abuse:
For information about other commonly abused drugs: brief overviews, street and clinical names, the effects of the drug on the brain and body, trends, and other related publications, see: National Institutes of Health.


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