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Digital Library

What is the Digital Library?
The Smarter Balanced Digital Library is a critical component of the Smarter Balanced system of assessments. The Digital Library contains professional learning resources and instructional materials focused on the formative assessment process. The resources are:

Formative Assessment Graph

What is the Formative Assessment Process?
Smarter Balanced defines formative assessment as a deliberate process used by teachers and students during instruction to provide ongoing, actionable feedback to improve student success. The four attributes are:

  • Clarify Intended Learning
  • Elicit Evidence
  • Interpret Evidence
  • Act on Evidence

  • Resources are vetted by multiple reviewers based on quality criteria
  • Resources are contributed by educators for educators
  • Resources include the Formative Assessment Process
  • Forums promote collegial conversations across the country
  • Instructional modules are available on formative assessment processes and assessment literacy


Resources in the Digital Library are excellent for both individual and team professional learning.

  • California is leading the Smarter Balanced Consortium with their Digital Library Professional Learning Series. The series includes:
  • Spotlight Webinars are professional learning opportunities facilitated by national experts.
  • Participants can participate live or review past recordings.
  • New webinar series are available in the fall and in the spring.
  • Participants are encouraged to try the strategies presented in the webinar series in their own classrooms.
  • Participants have access to the Spotlight Forum to discuss and share experiences using the strategies with other participants in the series.
  • Forums are facilitated by the resource authors during the webinar series.


The Digital Library is paid for by Washington’s subscription to the Smarter Balanced Assessment System, so access to the Digital Library is completely free for every public school district and their employees. Statewide professional learning partners (e.g., ESD staff/coaches) and higher education faculty in teacher preparatory programs also have access.

Directions for educators:

Directions for DCs:

Directions for Higher Ed staff:

  • The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) is working to provide access for higher education faculty
  • Contact Mark Bergeson (360-753-7881) for more information and technical assistance


Once educators are registered to access the Digital Library, they will have the ability to view and download hundreds of resources at all grade levels for immediate and future use. The following slides are helpful in learning how to navigate the Digital Library:


The State Network of Educators (SNE) are K–12 and higher education professionals with expertise in the standards, formative assessment tools and practices, and diverse student populations. The State Leadership Team (SLT) collaborates with the SNEs to provide training and mentoring. Applications are now being accepted for new SNE members.

The State Network of Educators:

  • Creates, submits, and reviews Digital Library resources
  • Provides feedback to help guide enhancements
  • Participates in professional learning opportunities
  • Participates in online webinars and workshops
  • Supports other educators using the Digital Library
  • Contributes approximately 2–5 hours of time per month

    NEW! Public-facing Digital Library storefront

    Provides a chance to learn more about Digital Library resources and features.

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