OSPI Interlocal Agreements
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OSPI Interlocal Agreements

Chapter 39.34.040 RCW, the Interlocal Cooperation Act, provides the authority for Washington State agencies such as OSPI to contract with other governmental entities. This law was revised in the 2006 legislative session and now requires Interlocal Agreements either be filed with county recording offices, or published at a location electronically accessible by the public.

To satisfy this requirement, OSPI has elected to publish a list of Interlocal, Interagency, and Intergovernmental Agreements on this web page. The list below contains Agreements that commenced from January 2014 to present. Download the entire Interlocals List, 2006-Present.

General questions?
Contact the OSPI Contracts Office at contracts@k12.wa.us.

Vendor Name

Service Description

Start Date

End Date


Educational Service District 113Enhancing eVAL capabilities10/1/20158/31/2017 $500,000
Criminal Justice Training CommissionCJTC Finding School Safety9/21/20156/30/2016 $(96,000)
Educational Service District 123Migrant Education Program9/15/20158/31/2016 $311,647
Educational Service District 105Migrant Education Program9/1/20156/30/2016 $534,447
Educational Service District 171Migrant Education Program9/1/20158/31/2016 $287,700
Educational Service District 171Migrant Education Program9/1/20158/31/2016 $326,901
Sunnyside School DistrictMigrant Education Program9/1/20158/31/2016 $2,400,977
Employment Security DepartmentWashington Reading Corps9/1/20158/31/2016 $2,400,977
Spokane Public School DistrictDigital Learning Online Course Provider9/1/20156/30/2019 No maximum
Washington State Arts CommissionTeaching Artist Training Lab7/22/20156/30/2016 $34,000
Olympic Educational Service District 114TPEP Partner Region7/10/20156/30/2016 $150,005
Commission on Hispanic AffairsRadio Broadcast7/7/20156/30/2015 $3,000
Olympic Educational Service District 114Book Distribution7/7/20156/30/2016 $-
Educational Service District 123TPEP Partner Region7/1/20156/30/2016 $113,942
Educational Service District 112TPEP Partner Region7/6/20156/30/2016 $120,879
Educational Service District 105TPEP Partner Region7/6/20156/30/2016 $120,158
Puget Sound Educational Service District 121Development of a “Learning Pathways in Early Literacy” document7/6/201512/31/2015 $6,000
University of California RegentsSupportting Smarter Balance Assesments Systems7/1/20159/25/2015 $940,324
Washington Student Achievement CouncilEducator Retooling Condtional Loan Scholarship Program7/1/20156/30/2017 $1,400,000
Washington State Department of TransportationAdministration of Safe Routes to School Program7/1/20156/30/2017 $(637,000)
Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police ChiefsSchool mapping7/1/20156/30/2017 $442,810
Department of Social and Health ServicesPrevention & Intervention services7/1/20156/30/2017 $(8,136,192)
Department of Enterprise ServicesRecycle Collection for Annex Building7/1/20156/30/2017 $2,520
Clover Park Technical CollegeRental Agreement7/1/20156/30/2016 $3,358
Puget Sound Educational Service District 121Web Hosting7/1/20156/30/2016 $380
State Board for Community and Technical CollegesBridge to College Transition7/1/20156/30/2015 $(750,000)
North Thurston Public SchoolsCo-op Student Program7/1/20156/17/2016 $86,410
North Central Educational Service District 171TPEP Partner Region7/1/20156/30/2016 $136,419
Puget Sound Educational Service District 121TPEP Partner Region7/1/20156/30/2016 $149,739
Educational Service District 113TPEP Partner Region7/1/20156/30/2016 $123,710
Northeast WA Educational Service District 101TPEP Partner Region7/1/20156/30/2016 $114,885
Federal Way Public SchoolsDigital Learning Online Course Provider7/1/20156/30/2019 No maximum
City of SeattleRace and Social Justice Training6/23/20157/31/2015 $1,200
Western Washington UniversityFinancial Education Training6/22/20156/30/2015 $14,500
Thurston County Public HealthHealth Inspections6/22/20158/31/2015 $1,375
Northeast WA Educational Service District 101Professional Development Modules6/15/201512/31/2015 $4,360
Grays Harbor County Health DepartmentHealth Inspections6/11/20158/31/2015 $1,200
Lincoln County Public HealthHealth Inspections6/8/20158/31/2015 $163
Kitsap Public Health DistrictHealth Inspections6/8/20158/31/2015 $1,417
Educational Service Dist 113Washington Transforming Professional Learning Partner6/8/201510/31/2015 $5,000
Washington State UniversityDevelopment of Academic Language online toolkit6/5/20158/31/2015 $19,500
Yakima Health DistrictHealth Inspections6/4/20158/31/2015 $1,188
Tacoma-Pierce County Health DepartmentHealth Inspections6/3/20158/31/2015 $10,650
Washigton Student Achievement CouncilAlternative Route to Teacher Certification, and Educator Retooling Conditional Loan Scholarship prog6/1/20156/30/2015 $120,000
Grant County Health DistrictHealth Inspections6/1/20158/31/2015 $975
Benton Franklin Health DistHealth Inspections6/1/20158/31/2015 $1,600
Education Service District 113eVAL Management Tool5/15/20158/31/2015 $125,000
Department of Financial InstitutionsFEPPP Workshops5/11/20156/30/2016 $(53,000)
Educational Service District 113Full-day kindergarten professional development5/1/20158/31/2015 $10,847
Educational Service District 113Implementation & operation of the TPEP ESD 113 Application4/22/20156/30/2015 $(11,227)
Green River Community CollegeTeaching Equity Conference and Youth Summit4/10/20155/30/2015 $8,000
Western Washington UniversityFinancial Education Institute for Educators3/16/20156/1/2015 $5,000
Department of Financial InstitutionsFunds for Financial Education Institute for Educators3/11/20156/30/2015 $(13,000)
Educational Service District 112Rental Agreement3/1/20152/29/2016 $8,343
Seattle, King County Public HealthSexual Health Master Trainer2/24/20157/31/2015 $6,000
Central Washington UniversityDare to Dream Summer Academy2/17/20158/31/2015 $194,718
North Central Educational Service District 171Conference Registration Fee Collection2/10/20156/30/2015 $4,500
University of WashingtonDare to Dream Summer Academy2/9/20158/31/2015 $194,286
Eastern Washington UniversityDare to Dream Summer Academy2/9/20158/31/2015 $114,983
Washington State UniversityDare to Dream Summer Academy2/5/20158/31/2015 $298,546
Western Washington UniversityTeacher Training Workshops2/2/20153/15/2015 $15,000
Sumner School DistrictWashington State Full-Day Kindergarten Guide1/7/20158/6/2015 $9,750
Washington State UniversityDatashare Agreement1/7/20156/30/2015 $-
Bellingham School DistrictWashington State Full-Day Kindergarten Guide1/5/20158/6/2015 $9,750



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