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Washington State Public Education:
A Guide for Students and Families

Special programs and resources

Special education
Washington schools have programs for children who have disabilities or special health problems of all kinds. Not all disabilities are obvious. Sometimes children have a hard time learning to read because they have a condition called dyslexia, which means they don't see words and letters in the same way others do. There are many other disabilities that can affect learning, too. If you aren't sure whether your child has a disability, you can ask your school to provide tests to find out.

If your child does have a disability, he or she has a right to a school program tailored to his or her needs. This is true no matter how slight or how severe the disability is. There is a statewide program for students with disabilities called "Special Education."

There are a lot of laws and rules to protect the rights of students with disabilities. There is also a special budget to provide extra funding for these students.

If you ever have problems getting what you need for a child with a disability, there is a Special Education Ombudsman whose job is to help you understand the system and solve problems. Visit the Web site, Guidance for Families about Special Education Services, or call (360) 725-6075.

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