A Guide for Students and Families- Families and teachers are equal partners
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Washington State Public Education:
A Guide for Students and Families

Families and teachers are equal partners

Sometimes it's hard to know how to relate to our children's teachers and principal. They may have more education and authority than we do, and we don't always feel like their equals.

But families and teachers are equals, and teachers want families to be their partners. Teachers are experts at teaching, but families are experts about our own children.

No matter how much or how little education we have, teachers need our help to succeed in their jobs, because children learn best when families are involved with their children's education.

This guide is intended to help families understand how schools and teachers work, so we can make the most of our partnership with them. It also provides information about what to do when we're having problems with a teacher or school, and information about special programs our children may need.

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