Special Education Recommended Core Competencies
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Special Education Recommended Core Competencies

To work in education and related services programs for children and youth with disabilities, paraeducators will demonstrate:

  1. understanding the value of providing instructional and other direct services to all children and youth with disabilities;
  2. understanding the roles and responsibilities or certificated/licensed staff and paraeducators;
  3. knowledge of (a) patterns of human development and milestones typically achieved at different ages, and (b) risk factors that may prohibit or impede typical development;
  4. ability to practice ethical and professional standards of conduct, including the requirements of confidentiality;
  5. ability to communicate with colleagues, follow instructions, and use problem solving and other skills that will enable the paraeducator to work as an effective member of the instructional team;
  6. ability to provide positive behavioral support and management;
  7. knowledge of the legal issues related to the education of children and youth with disabilities and their families;
  8. awareness of diversity among the children, youth, families and colleagues with whom they work;
  9. knowledge and application of the elements of effective instruction to assist teaching and learning as developed by the certificated/licensed staff in a variety of settings;
  10. ability to utilize appropriate strategies and techniques to provide instructional support in teaching and learning as developed by the certificated/licensed staff;
  11. ability to motivate and assist children and youth;
  12. knowledge of and ability to follow health, safety, and emergency procedures of the agency where they are employed;
  13. awareness of the ways in which technology can assist teaching and learning; and
  14. awareness of personal care and/or health related support.

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