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Migrant/Bilingual Education

Training Materials and Media

Program Webinars
Register for Migrant Bilingual Webinars for the 2016-17 School Year.

Toolkits and Resources

ELL Training — Registration
Free online English Language Proficiency Standards Training

Spanish Language and Literacy Instructional Approaches Training with Dr. Sonia Soltero

2017 Training Materials and Media
Topic, Media and Materials2017

iGrants Training 2017
Migrant Presentation, Title I, Part C: Presentation

May 18, 2017

iGrants Training 2017
Bilingual Presentation, TBIP and Title III: Presentation (PDF/78 slides)

May 11, 2017

Migrant & Bilingual Education Program Updates
Migrant webinar: Presentation | Watch the Webinar
Bilingual webinar: Presentation | Watch the Webinar

March 10, 2017

Migrant & Bilingual Education Program Updates
Migrant webinar: Presentation | Watch the Webinar
Bilingual webinar: Presentation | Watch the Webinar

January 20, 2017

2016 Training Materials and Media
Archive: 2012 To 2014 Training Materials and Media

Topic, Media and Materials2016

TBIP and Title III Consolidated Program Review Training

The training explains evidence requested under section seven of the Consolidated Program Review Checklist for districts that receive TBIP or Title III funding and are scheduled to be monitored during the 2016-17 school year.
CPR - 2017 Training | Watch the Webinar

November 15, 2016

Bilingual Education Program Updates
Presentation (PDF) | Watch the Webinar (WMV)

Bilingual Education program updates regarding student discipline under House Bill 1541, English language proficiency assessments, ​the English Learner Graduation Study, the Washington State Seal of Biliteracy, and more.

Key resources shared were:

Migrant Education Program Updates

October 13, 2016

Bilingual Education Program Updates
Presentation (PPT) | Watch the Webinar

Bilingual Education program updates for Resources for Program Essentials, ESSA Implementation, the Peer-to-Peer iGrants Training, House Bill 1541, the Dual Language Learners Toolkit, and more!

June 3, 2016

Migrant Education Program iGrants Training
Presentation (PPT)

May 26, 2016

Migrant and Bilingual Education Program Updates
Migrant Education Program (PPT) | Watch the Webinar

Program updates, Possible Eligible, Not Reported, iGrants Training and Technical Assistance, Dual Language -- Priority Program Model, Students Who Qualify for ELL and Special Education.
Bilingual Education Update (PDF/22 slides) | Watch the Webinar

April 1, 2016

2015 Training Materials and Media
Topic, Media and Materials2015

Tool for Evaluating English Language Development Programs


November 17, 2015

Migrant and Bilingual Education Program Updates

Bilingual webinar: Quarterly updates include the English Language Learner Toolkit, benefits of dual language programs, district recommendations through iGrants, information for non-project districts about Migrant Education.
Presentation (PDF, 81 slides) | Watch the Webinar

Migrant Webinar: Presentation (PDF, 22 slides) | Watch the Webinar

Oct 23, 2015



Academic Language: From Paper to Practice
Learn about strategies that integrate academic language into student learning plans and how to use the English Language Proficiency Standards as a tool for academic language instruction for ELLs in mainstream classrooms.
Presenter — Dr. Gisela Ernst-Slavit
Presentation (PDF, 66 slides) | Watch the Webinar

June 16



Bilingual and Migrant Education
Quarterly program updates, preliminary results of the state professional development models survey, changes to identification guidelines, Possible Eligible Not Reported list
Bilingual Education Update (PDF/79 slides) | Webinar
Migrant Education Update (PDF/11) | Webinar

June 12



Equity and Civil Rights
Overview of guidance provided in the January 7, 2015, Dear Colleague Letter: English Learner Students and Limited English Proficient Parents issued by the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Education
Equity and Civil Rights Presentation (PDF/22 slides) |  Webinar

U.S. Department of Education Support Materials

June 12



Academic Language: Important for ALL, Essential for English Language Learners
Dimensions of academic language and instructional implications for ELLs, and includes the role language register plays in the classroom.
Presenter — Dr. Gisela Ernst-Slavit
Academic Language (PDF/35 slides) | Webinar

June 10



Content-Based (CBI) and Sheltered Instruction (SI): Components for Success
How to implement a successful CBI or SI program, role and benefits of CBI and SI, staffing, instructional best practices, funding and advice from the field.
Presenter — Dr. Joan Nelson
Content-based and Sheltered Instruction Programs (PDF/38 slides) | Webinar

June 5



Ell Home Visits
Building on families' strengths, parent engagement through home visits, framework for conducting home visits, applying funds of knowledge from home visits into classroom practices.
Presenter — Dr. Eric Johnson
ELL Home Visits (PDF/38 slides) | Webinar

June 3



Funds of Knowledge
Sociocultural perspectives of language and literacy, funds of knowledge, classroom applications of funds of knowledge.
Presenter: Dr. Eric Johnson
Funds of Knowledge (PDF/61 slides) | Webinar

May 27



iGrants Applications for TBIP, Title III and Title I, Part C/Migrant Education
School year 2015-16
State TBIP (PDF/70 slides) | Webinar
Title III (PDF/37 slides) | Webinar
Title I, Part C/Migrant Education (PDF/21 slides) ǀ Webinar

April 3



Content-based and Sheltered Instruction
Background, research and basics
Presenter: Dr. Joan Nelson
Content-based and sheltered Instruction (PDF/35 slides) ǀ Webinar

March 13



Migrant Education Program/Title I, Part C
Migrant Education Update (PDF/21 slides) | Webinar

January 29



Migrant and Bilingual Education
We encourage districts to review this great example of an ELL program review produced by Bellingham Public Schools in 2012.
ELL Program Review Process - Bellingham Public Schools (PDF) ǀ ELL Program Evaluation - Amy Carder (WMV)
Title I, Part C, Migrant Education Program Migrant Education (PDF/31 slides) | Webinar

September, 2012


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